6 Hacks for an Insta-Worthy Home


Ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and wondered how people get their homes to be so photogenic? Here are six easy hacks to make your home look just as Insta-worthy.

Mix different textures

While the marble wall in this bathroom is stunning in and of itself, it would not make for such a striking space without the contrasting textures sprinkled around it. Take the small storage baskets on the counter, for instance—they may be tiny, but they make a massive difference to the overall image!

Play around with shapes

Nothing is as dull as a room with only straight lines. To break up this monotony, incorporate other shapes into your space. It can be as simple as opting for a rounded shower head and round mirror in your bathroom.

Keep colours consistent

To give your space that “wow” factor, make sure to choose a pleasant colour scheme and stick to it. Too many colours and mismatched palettes are overwhelming to the eye, while a few carefully chosen shades will give your home that professionally designed look.

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Be clever about storage

If you spend a lot of time looking at hashtags like #instahomes and #homeinspo, you may have noticed that the most popular homes are exceptionally tidy. What’s more, the storage in these spaces is not just functional, but actively contributes to the design. When you’re picking out storage solutions for your home, think of how they will fit into the overall ambience you’re trying to evoke.

Create eye-catching features

Be it an art wall or a striking wallpaper, every home can benefit from an eye-catching feature or two. This will be particularly handy if you plan on posting images of your home online, as those features tend to offer lots of great photo opportunities from many different angles and corners of the house.

Make use of natural light

The best pictures of home interiors have one thing in common: they are exceptionally well-lit, often thanks to large windows. To achieve that kind of bright, airy feel that those images evoke in your own home, make the most of natural light by positioning key items you wish to highlight close to your windows.

Featured image courtesy of Adroit Interior Design