Your Bedroom is the Ideal Spot for a Second TV — Here’s Why


Some think tech doesn’t belong in bedrooms, but here are a few reasons why it may actually be a great location for a second TV.

When you envision a spot for watching movies and TV shows or playing loud, fast-action games, restful bedrooms are probably the furthest thing in your mind. However, if you’re the sole user of the bedroom or intend to game when your partner doesn’t need the room, it’s probably already all set up for your entertainment needs. Don’t believe us? Consider these points.

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1. You DO have enough room

The TV doesn’t always have to go in the biggest room in your house, which is often the living room. Even in modest-sized bedrooms, you can accommodate a larger TV than you would think to fully enjoy the big-screen experience. As a guide, Sony recommends that the height of the TV should be at least two-thirds the distance between the viewer and the TV. Thus, 49-inches should be a good place to start for most local bedrooms. Find out more here.

With super thin and chic aluminium bezels, the TVs offer plenty of screen without taking up unnecessary wall space. Alternatively, you can use the slim, provided metal blade stands on table tops to give the TV a similarly weightless look. Sony’s BRAVIA TVs also come packed with several features that are great for gaming, including crisp pictures, no matter how dark, bright, or fast-moving the images. Learn more about gaming on Sony’s BRAVIA TVs here.

  • X1 4K HDR Processor and 4K X-Reality PRO: Playing an older game? Using Sony’s 4K HDR processor X1 and 4K X-Reality PRO, the BRAVIA TVs can reduce noise and upscale 2K and Full HD resolution to almost 4K quality for more colour, contrast and clarity.

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  • Motionflow XR: Ideal for sports and fast-action movies, Motionflow XR creates extra frames between images and black segments, reducing blur and afterimage for sharper scenes.

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  • Triluminos Display and Dolby Vision: Working with the X1 processor, the Triluminos Display processes data even further to produce a greater and richer variety of hues compared to conventional televisions, making even virtual gaming images appear more true to life. Dolby Vision enhances this effect by boosting the colours, highlights and shadows for a more immersive experience.

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2. It’s the comfiest spot at home

There’s often a chair or bench somewhere in the bedroom, and even if there isn’t, you can’t beat the cosiness of a bed with its fort of pillows and blankets. These options may not offer the best posture support, but you don’t have to shop for anything extra right now, and it’s also easy to pick up a chair down the road if needed. With wide viewing angles, the screen will look super clear no matter where you have to place the TV or where you are seated.

Speaking of ease, Sony’s BRAVIA TVs are a breeze to set up and operate—simply plug in your Sony PlayStation console and the TV will automatically detect it and switch immediately to the BRAVIA low-latency Game Mode. Even with your regular TV remote, you can enjoy smooth and responsive gameplay. Sony’s BRAVIA TVs come with Google Chromecast built-in, as well as support for Apple Airplay/HomeKit, so you can stream videos from your devices on a bigger screen for a supersized viewing experience. Working from home? Use your BRAVIA TV as an external monitor to keep track of your work tasks from the comfort of your bedroom.

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3. The bedroom is a nice dark space with good acoustics

You already have the curtains up to shield the room from street lights and noise, which also creates a perfect environment for gaming. Additionally, the drapes, soft furnishings and bedding in the room will help to enhance acoustics and diminish echoes. For even better sound quality, Sony’s BRAVIA TVs are equipped with several features such as Acoustic Multi-Audio and tweeters that position the sound where the action is happening on screen, as well as Dolby Atmos that results in multi-dimensional audio that moves above and around you so you feel like part of the action.

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