Torn Between Ceramic and Steel for Your Kitchen Sink? Choose SILGRANIT Instead


As the heart of the household, the kitchen occupies a special place in our homes. Within it, the sink often takes centre-stage, making it especially important to strike a balance between design and functionality when choosing your combo of washbasin and mixer taps. A well-chosen sink can make for a sturdy companion and a seamless yet eye-catching kitchen look.

If you’re in the process of picking the right sink for your kitchen, you’re likely caught between steel and ceramic, but there is another material you may not have considered: SILGRANIT. This composite material by BLANCO is made primarily of quartz sands, the toughest constituents of granite, giving the Silgranit sinks a high level of resistance, as well as a modern look that complements most kitchen styles with ease.

Flawless design

squarerooms blanco kitchen sink on counter island vegetables fruits flatlay

The Etagon sink in Concrete, paired with the Linus-S mixer tap in Black.

When it comes to the look and design of your kitchen sink, SILGRANIT is a sure all-rounder, fitting into contemporary and modern kitchens as well as Scandi-inspired and traditional homes. It comes in a range of versatile colours to choose from, be it a deep black, pearl grey, warm jasmine or lush coffee hue.

Of course, the mixer taps are just as crucial when building your dream kitchen, which is why BLANCO’s taps are coordinated to match the SILGRANIT colour palette. This allows you to either colour-match your sink and mixer tap for a seamlessly sleek look or create striking contrasts that infuse your kitchen with plenty of personality.

Cutting-edge durability

squarerooms blanco kitchen sink island counter flatlay down view wood white clean minimalist monochromatic

The Subline undermount sink paired with the Linus-S mixer tap, both in Anthracite.

Having researched and developed composite materials for over 30 years, BLANCO is undeniably at the forefront of the industry with the SILGRANIT sinks. These sinks consist of up to 80 per cent quartz sands, which make for a stone-like surface that is pleasing to the touch, low-maintenance and extremely robust.

In fact, they are so resistant to scratches and impact that you could grab a knife and cut some veggies directly on the sink’s surface without leaving a dent. SILGRANIT is also impervious to stains from acidic foods and natural dyes and comes with antibacterial properties thanks to BLANCO’s Hygiene+Plus technology, which reduces bacteria growth by up to 98 per cent. The material can even deal with direct heat from pots, pans and baking trays, meaning that you can place them directly in the sink without worrying about causing any damage!

Whether your priority is the look or the durability of your kitchen sink, SILGRANIT strikes a balance that satisfies for the long run.

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