Keep Your Home Pest-Free With These Useful Tips

Living in an ant or roach-infested home after you are happily settled in your new home can be a stressful experience. Sometimes, these infestations may even cause health problems for your family. Combat baits allow for an easy way to keep your home pest-free through its ability to eliminate pests at the source. Here are some useful tips:

Debug during renovations

Renovation period is the most efficient and effective period to eliminate existing colonies or nests as human activities are kept to a minimal.

Seal crevices and cracks on the floor and wall

Ants love to form their colonies in these cracks while roaches can squeeze through the tiniest of gaps. Do a thorough search for any cracks or crevices on the floor or walls and seal them.

Clean dark corners thoroughly

Dark areas such as under, behind and inside cabinets and rubbish chutes provide conducive environments for pests as they are attracted to dirt and filth. Place baits after cleaning to eradicate any nests or colonies that are out of sight.

Remove or repair old fabric furniture and cardboards

Roaches are heat-seeking insects. They thrive in warm environments such as fabric furniture and corrugated cardboard, especially during the breeding period. Clean old fabric furniture regularly, and dispose of unused cartons.

Replace baits regularly for continuous killing

Pests are attracted to activities in your home as long as there are food and water. New colonies and nests will continue to form even after the old ones are eliminated. This is why you should replace ant baits every month and roach baits every 3 months for continuous killing.

Roaches are nocturnal, so even if you don’t see them in the day, it doesn’t mean they are not there. Once you see one, chances are an infestation already exists.

How baits work and how to use them correctly

The only way to eradicate roach nests and ant colonies is to kill them at the source. Combat baits’ delicious formulation is irresistible to both roaches and ants. Its slow-acting poison enables them to return to the rest and kill others in a domino effect.

For a fast and effective kill, place multiple baits to maximise reach. Once opened, use all baits to ensure freshness. Finally, prevention is the first line of defence. Roaches and ants are invasive insects and they look for any opportunity to get into your home as they seek warmth, food and water. Ensure areas involving food are kept free from any residue and store your food in air-tight containers. Always remove garbage from your home before you sleep. Keep your home pest-free to enjoy a good night’s rest.


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