Connected Appliances To Save You Time And Effort In The Kitchen


Convenience is a huge part of why homeowners choose to purchase connected appliances, and things are no different for the kitchen. With a smart refrigerator, you can now look at the contents inside without having to open the door, which also helps you to save on the energy required to cool the fridge. There are also some appliances which can be remotely operated via your smartphone, where a smart oven that’s connected via an app on your smartphone can be programmed to start preheating before you arrive home to cook or be turned off when your dish has completed cooking but you are still out shopping.

Another important reason why more and more homeowners are choosing to get into the world of the smart kitchen is safety. The same appliances that we rely on to prepare our daily meals can also pose a danger to our homes, whether through human error or simply because of a faulty part. Fortunately, these smart appliances have built-in features that can help minimise such instances. For example, the same smart oven mobile application has the ability to send its users a notification in the event where the burners are accidentally left switched on, effectively cancelling out any risk of fires occurring.

Investing in a smart kitchen can also help improve our performance within the utilitarian zone. Advancement in cooking technologies has given us sous vide machines that bring about an unprecedented level of consistency and accuracy to our cooking, in turn elevating prepared meals to new heights. Additionally, connected appliances make it easier to ensure that your food is cooking to exact temperatures and for the intended amount of time – a necessary tool especially when searing or frying meats. And if you use either a smartphone or a tablet to read off recipes you intend to cook, there are some even more advanced apps that can coordinate all compatible smart appliances and automatically preset them to the exact temperature, time and speed needed according to the chosen recipe.

By having all – or most – of its appliances connected to the internet and to our fingertips, smart kitchens not only have the benefit of saving its users time and money, but they also help in improving day-to-day utility while making our lives all the more seamless at the same time. Here are 5 connected kitchen appliances that will do just that.

Samsung Family Hub
In addition to doing everything a traditional fridge does, the Samsung Family Hub is equipped with a 21.5-inch touchscreen display that can help you plan your shopping list, set food expiry reminders, create digital to-do lists, as well as explore new dinner recipes. And with three built-in cameras, you’re able to view what’s inside your fridge from your smartphone or tablet to prevent unnecessary purchases.


Nespresso Prodigio Coffee Machine
For coffee connoisseurs who want a few extra features to go along their morning cuppa, the Nespresso Prodigio is the perfect gadget. Using the corresponding app via Bluetooth, you can perform functions like set schedules, start a brew remotely, adjust brewing temperatures, and even select from specific brewing profiles to get the perfect cup of coffee. Additionally, with the capsule stock management function, you will never run out of your favourite coffee.


Anova Precision Cooker
With its plethora of smart features, the Anova Precision Cooker will have you cooking like a pro in no time. Connected to your phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, the sous vide device lets you control your cook from wherever you are – a handy function when making slow cooker recipes. The paired app isn’t just a remote control either, for there are loads of video tutorials and recipes all at your fingertips.


Thermomix TM5
Packing a multitude of kitchen appliances and innovative functions into a single compact unit is the Thermomix TM5. From weighing to mixing, emulsifying to steaming, the multipurpose cooker does it all. But what’s even more impressive is its Recipe Chips attachment, where you can access nutritional information, browse through recipes, and be guided through the cooking process step-by-step through the touchscreen display.


In as little as 90 seconds, the Rotimatic promises to produce piping hot flatbreads that range from roti, tortilla and even pizza bases. All that’s needed is flour, oil and water, and the appliance will take care of the rest – from measuring to mixing, kneading to cooking. Powered with IoT capabilities, the Rotimatic also automatically updates itself with the latest flatbread recipes, allowing you to add more variety to your dinner table.


This was adapted from an article originally published in the February 2019 issue of SquareRooms