The Secret To Making The Perfect Cup Of Americano At Home


Coffee has become such a staple that many of us can’t seem to get through a day without a cup (or two) of the caffeinated beverage. And it seems that Singaporean’s taste for good quality coffee has become more sophisticated. Just walk into a mall or commercial area in any neighbourhood and you’ll probably see a couple of chain cafes or even third-wave coffee shops nestled amongst retail stores.


One of the most popular types of coffee offered by these establishments is the Americano, a coffee recipe favoured for its large cup size, which is known in cafe parlance as a “long” drink. The Americano is usually mild, which makes it a popular choice amongst coffee drinkers who prefer their cup of Joe smooth, sweet and round. And the recipe for the perfect cup of Americano consists of 25ml of coffee or a shot of espresso followed by 125ml of hot water. This preparation reduces the harshness and bitter aftertaste of the drink. There is also the Americano XL, concocted for coffee drinkers who prefer to sip their beverages from longer cups of 200ml. The trend for upsized coffee, in cups longer than 150ml, is a popular choice amongst the most frequent coffee drinkers around the world. The recipe for the Americano XL is made of 40ml coffee and 160ml hot water.


While these recipes may seem easy enough to follow, who has the time these days to grind the coffee beans, brew the coffee and measure out the exact amount of water required to make the perfect cup of coffee? This is why the new Nespresso Essenza Plus coffee machine is such a time saver. What makes Essenza Plus so convenient is that it allows you to prepare an Espresso, Lungo, Americano or Americano XL with just a touch of the button. It also comes with a hot water function so that you can get creative and customise your coffee to your taste or even make tea for times when you prefer that.

The sleek and minimalist looking machine is the newest member of the brand’s popular Essenza line, and it is designed for growing or bigger households looking for more convenience and coffee choices. The Nespresso Essenza family also includes the Essenza Mini, a compact coffee machine that was named the best coffee machine in the recent SquareRooms Awards 2019: Kitchen Edition.


Making the Nespresso Essenza Plus coffee machine even more convenient for time-strapped homeowners is its one-touch order button embedded directly onto the machine. This smart feature lets you order Nespresso capsules directly via an app so that you never run out of capsules again. In addition, the machine is equipped with Bluetooth smart technology and Wi-Fi capabilities for recipe management and machine assistance. Other features that make using and maintaining the Essenza Plus a breeze include the descaling alert that ensures you get the best tasting coffee every time and the rotary water tank that lets you check the machine’s water level easily.


A cup of Nespresso is synonymous with a good cup of coffee because the brand offers a range of exceptional blends crafted from beans that meet a stringent set of quality and aroma specifications. Whether you prefer robust, dark blends or balanced, lighter blends, there is a coffee to suit your taste. Nespresso offers 28 coffees in its permanent collection as well as seasonal, limited edition coffees that are produced in small batches.

In fact, Nespresso is involved in every aspect of the coffee value chain to ensure that you enjoy only the highest standard of coffee. The company has perfected the formula between the interaction of its coffee capsules and machines. Engineered using state-of-the-art technology, Nespresso machines are designed to produce consistently delicious aroma, flavour and frothy crema using coffee capsules and the right amount of water and pressure. With one of these machines, you become as skilled as a barista with the ability to make the perfect cup of coffee at home.


If you love enjoying a good cup of Americano that is perfectly balanced at any time of the day, Nespresso’s new Essenza Plus coffee machine is perfect for you. With this nifty machine, you can effortlessly make delicious tasting, good quality coffee right at home.

For times when you want something a little fancier than an Americano, you can create different coffee recipes using the Nespresso Barista Recipe Maker. Designed with an induction system, stainless steel jug and an integrated touchscreen button, this machine lets you prepare anything from Iced Frappe and Mocha to Iced Nitro and Babyccino via an integrated touchscreen and connected app. All you need to do is find the ingredients and let the Barista do the rest.

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