An Expert’s Top Tips on Designing a Kitchen You’ll Love


In order to help you get the most out of your cooking space, we got an expert in the field to share some secrets about functional kitchen design. Keep reading to find out more from Markus Ratfelder, Franke‘s Sales Director and long-standing kitchen expert.


Image courtesy of Franke

What would you say makes Franke stand out from other kitchen brands?
At the core of Franke’s proposition has always been the kitchen sink. Whether stainless steel or granite, we are a leading manufacturer with designs and functions that are always new. We match that with faucets and waste management solutions to complete the cooking preparation segment. Franke’s full range of kitchen appliances cater to Western and Asian cooking styles, and we have products from mid to high-tier to cater to a large group of consumers.

Could you please share your best advice for people planning to design or renovate their kitchens?
People should understand the purpose of their kitchen first and foremost. When you are clear about whether the kitchen is going to be a semi-professional work space or part of your living and family area or a mix of both, then you can proceed to select designs and products.

What are some common design mistakes people make when putting together their kitchen?
People tend to make choices that are too design-oriented. They forget that the kitchen is a work space and functionality is very important. I see it as a big advantage to choose more built-in appliances to free up counter space, especially in smaller kitchens. The location for such appliances therefore needs to be part of the overall design as it’s hard to change later on.


Image courtesy of Mark McCammon

What are some things to consider when shopping for kitchen fittings?
People tend to underestimate the importance of good quality fittings, especially the kitchen sink. Even though the sink is the most-used item in the kitchen and plays a crucial role when it comes to hygiene, consumers often regard the sink as an item less worthy of attention. The choice of material and selection of a reputable brand is important. Small details on functionality set brands apart, but can make life in the kitchen much easier. Furthermore, the sink is probably the item consumers intend to keep the longest. Therefore, spending a little more for a high-quality product should be considered.

For those who love cooking, could you recommend some products for an efficient and stress-free cooking space?
At Franke, we want to make cooking fun and easy. Therefore, our products are designed to “interact” with each other. For example, our Box Center sink comes with a full set of accessories such as chopping boards, a dish drainer and even a knife block. It’s super functional yet neat and tidy when stowed away. Combining this with a Smart Deco hood and Smart Induction hob gives your kitchen a modern design that’s practical at the same time.

What are some kitchen trends you are excited about?
We are seeing a trend where consumers are more and more looking at granite sinks for their kitchen. The stone feel and touch gives a premium feeling and adds warmth to any kitchen. Franke’s Fragranite sink is very durable and super easy to maintain while being hygienic with Franke’s “Sanitized” material. Also, a Fragranite sink has many different colour options and can match any kitchen design to become a centrepiece in your kitchen. Franke’s new super metallic colour range can really make your kitchen stand out.