Check Out This New Range of Stylish Yet Practical Fragranite Sinks From Franke


As one of the world’s leading provider of products and solutions for residential kitchens, Franke strives to bring confidence, convenience and comfort into people’s lives through their range of innovative products and renowned quality service. To this end, the Swiss brand is expanding its popular line of Fragranite kitchen sinks with new models and colours to cater to their ever-so-discerning consumer market.

Called the Urban range, the new line of sinks are minimalist in design, featuring a large basin with rails on the inside to accommodate a strainer bowl. For added functionality, the sinks also come equipped with a drainer board and a waste kit, effectively creating a seamless workspace for the busiest of kitchens.


Building upon its state-of-the-art aesthetics using the specialised Fragranite material – which is made up of 80% natural quartz and 20% acrylic resin – the new line of sinks are also enhanced with Franke’s patented Fast-in installation grip technology, allowing the fixture to be quickly and easily installed into any worktop without needing to use any screws or other specialised tools.

Available in three models – a small, large or a double bowl – and in either Graphite and Onyx tones, these chic Fragranite sinks will add sparkle and elegance to any modern kitchen. What’s more, their contemporary and modern profile – attributed to a combination of squarish and ondulant lines – allows them to be easily integrated into any type of kitchen, across all design themes.


Looks aside, the Urban sinks are also able to withstand sustained wear and tear. This is because the quartz in its composite makes it virtually impossible to damage, resisting scratches from knives and forks, impact shocks from heavy appliances and equipment, as well as any short term exposure to temperatures up to 280ºC. With so much to offer, the Urban range of Fragranite sinks by Franke is most definitely a must-have accessory in the kitchens of all avid home chefs.

This post was brought to you by Franke.