Enjoy Fresh and Healthy Drinking Water With This Innovative Filter Tap


Chugging at least eight glasses of aqua is one of the most natural and inexpensive things you could do to lead a healthy life. Thus, it’s only right to invest in a filtration system that supplies you with pure and delicious drinking water. By incorporating Franke’s filter tap into your home, you’ll see how a seemingly small upgrade in the kitchen can vastly improve your daily routine and well-being.

Good health for all

Franke’s Vital Capsule filter tap is what the brand is calling “the world’s most advanced water filter.” It features a patented triple filter process technology that effectively eliminates 99% of bacteria and germs from the water. Besides trapping sediments like rust and micro-plastics, the Swiss brand’s award-winning faucet also removes dissolved contaminants like pesticides and chlorine to guard your health while leaving behind beneficial essential minerals. This capsule-shaped filter may be small in size, but its powerful 500-litre sifting capacity leaves quite the impression—that’s a whopping 2,000+ glasses of purified water for you and the rest of the household to enjoy for long!

squarerooms franke water filter tap Vital Capsule

Ease of use

Effortlessly installed like any standard tap, the Vital Capsule is a space-saving kitchen accessory for the practical homeowner. The remarkably compact body is not only well-fitting to any countertop, but it also doesn’t require massive cabinet space under the sink. Changing the filters takes only a few seconds to do, too. Once the device’s green LED light turns red, simply unscrew the elegant casing, extract the current cartridge, replace it with a refill kit and then twist the cap back in place. It’s the unpretentious, sophisticated, and fully rotatable filter tap you need for an enhanced and healthy home life.

Stamp of excellence

The Red Dot Award is one of the most coveted quality seals for good design, and Franke recently snagged not one, but two of these internationally recognised distinctions. Both the Kubus 2 Fragranite sink range and Vital Capsule filter tap were Red Dot Award winners in 2019 under the Kitchen Taps and Sinks category. Indeed, you can always expect top-notch form and function with Franke.

squarerooms franke water filter tap squarerooms franke water filter tap Vital Capsule kitchen sink counter

The Vital Capsule Filter Tap will be available at the Franke Kitchen Singapore Lazmall flagship store and local shops starting mid-July 2020.