Rarely Cook Because You Hate Washing Up Afterwards? Here’s Your Solution

Picture this: you love cooking but tend to avoid it; doing the dishes afterwards is just too much of a chore. You’re not alone—we’ve all been there. But the solution isn’t as complicated as you might think.

Markus Ratfelder, the Sales Director South East Asia for Franke Home Solutions, had a little something to say on the matter. Keep reading for his top solutions to make washing up much less of a chore!

A kitchen sink in the right size

squarerooms franke kitchen stainless steel sink faucet tap

It’s important to choose the correct size for your kitchen sink, depending on the size of the overall kitchen as well as the expected usage of the sink. For instance, a family of four should consider a larger sink than a single-person household as the number of dishes and cookware would be larger.

A faucet that matches your needs

squarerooms franke kitchen faucet arched stainless steel tap pull-out spray

The tap’s functionality should always be matched to the size and type of sink as well as the needs of the user. Pull-out taps are very practical in combination with a larger sink as the water flow can reach all the corners.

They can also be helpful for washing larger pots and pans as the water flow can be aimed at hard-to-reach areas. In spray mode, the water flow is stronger and can therefore help to wash away stubborn food waste and rinse fruits and vegetables. Having said that, a standard swivel tap is a good choice for a smaller sink, for example in dry kitchens, especially when a minimalistic design is preferred.

In terms of the material, stainless steel taps are easier to maintain as the material doesn’t stain and is naturally impervious to fingerprints. Water residue is also less likely to contaminate stainless steel compared to chrome and brass taps.

A space-saving mini dishwasher

squarerooms franke kitchen stainless steel sink faucet tap sink dishwasher countertop small

As home cooking becomes more and more common, cleaning up afterwards is also more and more a consideration point for homeowners. Franke’s new sink dishwasher helps to make this step more convenient and hassle-free without taking up lots of space; an important factor in smaller kitchens especially.

As the dishwasher is connected to the sink and can be loaded from the top, the flow of dirty dishes from the sink to the dishwasher is seamless, clean and fast. The dishes are cleaned quickly and dried right away so they can be used again immediately.

The sink dishwasher is of a similar size to a standard double bowl sink and has much of the same purpose—in fact, the dishwasher is practically the second bowl. It even has a specific mode to clean vegetables and other produce, more thoroughly than can be done by hand.

Another advantage of the sink dishwasher is that the lid can be used as additional countertop space when not in use. In essence, you have a four-in-one product: a sink, a dishwasher, a vegetable cleaner and additional workspace.

squarerooms franke kitchen stainless steel sink faucet tap sink dishwasher countertop small black modern design

Typical built-in or freestanding dishwashers are very bulky and many kitchens in Singapore just can’t accommodate another big appliance. Some brands are now offering table-top dishwashers, though countertop space is also very limited and connecting them to water points can be cumbersome.

Franke’s sink dishwasher, on the other hand, is compact in size, not bigger than a standard double bowl sink, yet offering space for six sets of dishes. As it’s connected to the sink, existing water piping is being used, which means no extensive plumbing work is required. A standard power socket nearby and the sink dishwasher is ready to run, with no compromise on countertop space.

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