These are the Cleaning and Laundry Appliances Homeowners Can’t Live Without

What cleaning appliances can homeowners not live without? After a couple of years in their new abodes, we caught up with local homeowners to suss out their favourite cleaning appliances, laundry systems, air purifiers and more.

Roborock robot vacuum cleaner

Tiffany and Bryan (@jingwensathome) have four cats at home, meaning there’s lots of pet dander and fur to vacuum up.

“Our Roborock is a lifesaver,” the couple shares. “It saves us time, especially on weekdays when we’re both working from the office. We’re very impressed with our new Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner too but were sadly disappointed by our Dibea.”

LG washer and dryer

What Faezah (@_faezahmokhtar) loves about her LG washer and dryer is not just how visually appealing they are, but also how efficient and quiet.

“We knew we wanted to get our laundry appliances from LG because of the many good reviews,” she shares. “The front-load washing machine is easy to use and the dryer is really such a blessing, saving us time and effort.”

Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner

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Corinne and Fazlie from are big fans of Dyson, having used their vacuum cleaner since they first moved in.

“It required servicing last year and our experience with the service centre was great,” share the homeowners. “The problem was resolved within the day for just a small fee.”

“We hadn’t been keeping up with cleaning and maintaining it,” they add, “so it’s almost a miracle it’s worked as well as it has until today!”

Sterra Moon air purifier

When it comes to air purifiers, homeowner Faezah (@_faezahmokhtar) swears by the popular Sterra Moon, applauding its sleek look and ease of use.

“We have cats in the house and I think it has improved the quality of the air greatly,” she says. “It operates very quietly and efficiently. It’s definitely value for money!”

Steigen laundry system

The Steigen laundry system has been a lifesaver for Ying and S from @ourslowhouse, especially on rainy days.

“We lived in this home for nearly four years without one and always had to wait for sunny days to do our laundry,” they reminisce. “With the Steigen’s heater and fan function, we don’t have to fret about our laundry even when it rains continuously for days.”

Tineco mop and vacuum cleaner

To keep her home as clean as possible, Rachel (@racheeng) likes to reach for her Tineco Floor One S3, a mop and vacuum cleaner in one.

“If you vacuum and then mop with separate appliances, there’s usually still dust left at the end,” she explains. “Having a vacuum and mop in one is honestly the best thing ever, it feels like double cleansing!”