This Homeware Brand Combines Luxury and Functionality for the Ultimate Integrated Kitchen


Whether you’re a new homeowner, tech lover or design aficionado, V-ZUG’s fully integrated appliances make it a breeze for everyone to personalise their dream kitchen. The Swiss homeware brand’s sleek products abide by the principle of simplexity—a portmanteau of “simple” and “complexity”—ensuring that they incorporate the most sophisticated technology while being easy to use.

squarerooms vzug marble modern luxury kitchen counter island

World-class design
Since 1913, V-ZUG has been steadfast in upholding premium Swiss quality in their products, relying on ingredients for success including good business values, quality, precision, innovation, and customer orientation. V-ZUG’s appliances have received numerous honours and awards for their innovation and design, and they have been commended for exceptional efficiency, ingenuity, and user-friendliness. V-ZUG was also recently crowned Best Brand of the Year 2020 by Plus X Award, a prestigious award-giving body that recognises leading edge top-notch products. In Singapore, V-ZUG appliances are found in some of the most luxurious private estates and condominiums. Visit V-ZUG’s flagship boutique ZUGORAMA to start outfitting your kitchen with the brand’s gorgeous appliances. Store ambassadors will even provide tips on how to create cookery zones that are not only unique in style but also stand the test of time. Owning a V-ZUG appliance opens up a host of privileges such as personalised service and invitations to private events. What’s more, you’ll be able to enjoy complimentary cooking classes with the Gourmet Academy Chefs at ZUGORAMA.

Hot and steamy
Steaming food in the Combi-steam oven retains vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, as well as the ingredients’ natural flavours and colours without burning or overcooking them. Using only 0.9 litres of water, the cooker can deliver up to 36 hours of slow steaming without topping up. It’s also a cinch to clean; simply wipe the surface with a cloth, and it’s ready to use again.

squarerooms vzug marble modern luxury kitchen counter island

Full steam ahead
The allure of faster cooking times, evenly cooked food, and improved energy efficiency are hard to ignore. Beyond these upsides, V-ZUG’s Combi-Steam ovens have full-colour graphic displays, retractable handles, and individual central-adjusting knobs that make the machine more joyful and convenient to use. The brand’s patented steam technology can also warm up food quickly just like a microwave. Aside from ovens, V-ZUG offers other first-rate home appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, hoods, and hobs.

Chef’s picks
Put together by 21 Singapore-based top chefs, the limited-edition cookbook An Asian Touch features clever interpretations of perennial local favourites like chilli crab, beef rendang, tandoori chicken, and ayam pongteh. Enthusiastic chefs seeking to tackle more challenging menus can try their hand at innovative creations from award-winning chef, Ryan Clift. As the global ambassador of V-ZUG and Culinary Director of V-Dining, Clift’s recipes are based on his 28-year culinary career and favourite functions from V-ZUG devices. When you recreate his recipes, you’ll surely marvel at the cooking consistency achieved by V-ZUG’s ovens, particularly when baking tricky puff pastry for a Fish Pie Risotto or preparing delicate desserts like mango soufflé.

squarerooms vzug fish pie risotto recipe

Make a reservation
Schedule a consultation with V-ZUG’s Gourmet Academy Chefs to learn more about the brand’s appliances and sample recipes that are cooked using Combi-Steam cookers. Contact them via email at [email protected] or give them a call at 6926 0878.

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