Take Your Healthy Home Life Up a Notch With Franke’s Award-Winning Filter Tap


One of the easiest and most sustainable ways to lead a healthy lifestyle is to drink plenty of fresh water. That’s why it’s important to invest in a filtration system that supplies you with pure and delicious drinking water. Incorporating Franke’s filter tap into your home gives you peace of mind that your water is clean and healthy, and it will also motivate you to drink more water on a daily basis by making it taste all the more refreshing and appetising.


Fresh and good for you

Franke calls its Vital Capsule Filter Tap “the world’s most advanced water filter” for a reason. Its patented triple filter process technology eliminates 99% of bacteria and germs from your water, making it a whole lot safer to ingest for the whole family. The award-winning faucet also efficiently traps sediments like rust and microplastics and removes contaminants like pesticides and chlorine using its activated carbon filter, all the while leaving behind essential minerals that benefit your health. Despite the filter’s petite size, it’s equipped with a powerful 500-litre sifting capacity—that’s a whopping 2,000+ glasses of purified water for you and the rest of the household to enjoy!

Easy to use

The Vital Capsule sports a sleek and compact design that can be fully rotated for easy access. It fits on any countertop and is straightforward to install. You can even do it yourself! Worried about changing the filters? That only takes a few seconds too. A handy LED light will alert you when a filter change is in order by switching from green to red. Simply unscrew the casing, extract the current cartridge, replace it with a refill kit and then twist the cap back into place. All of this makes the Vital Capsule the unpretentious yet sophisticated filter tap you need to kickstart your healthy home life.


Award-winning design

The Vital Capsule snatched one of the prestigious Red Dot Awards in 2019 alongside Franke’s Kubus 2 Fragranite sink range, gaining international recognition for the brand’s innovative designs under the Kitchen Taps and Sinks category. We’re not surprised though—after all, you can always expect the best of form and function with Franke.


All the filtration happens in this filter. Using advanced Swiss nano technology, it removes almost all bacteria and viruses, along with rust, sediments, microplastics, tastes and odours for extra clean and fresh-tasting water.

The Vital Capsule Filter Tap is now available from local shops, as well as the Franke Kitchen Singapore Lazmall flagship store.

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