The Kitchen Sink is Often Overlooked—Here’s How to Make the Most of it


Most homeowners think of the kitchen as a space where cooking happens. It’s where they store their food and keep their appliances and dinnerware.

Washing up and meal prep aren’t usually top of mind, which is why the sink area is often overlooked. That’s a big missed opportunity as the right setup can really improve efficiency, maximise every useable inch of your kitchen, save you time and enhance enjoyment.

squarerooms blanco evol s sink tap faucet water filter pro black matt

First, let’s start with the tap. Offering plenty more than the basics, the BLANCO EVOL-S Pro Filter is a semi-professional 3-in-1 mixer tap that will make your time in the kitchen so much easier. Available in PVD Steel or Matt Black, it features your standard hot and cold mixing lever on the right and comes with a flexible spout that has a magnetic mount and dual-spray control nozzle.

This makes washing dishes, cleaning all corners of your sink and filling nearby pots and kettles a breeze. A scaling wheel on the left measures the exact amount of filtered water you need so you’ll always get the right amount for filling your cup, cooking rice or preparing soup and bread recipes.

squarerooms blanco evol s sink tap faucet water filter pro black matt filling up bottle

With the filtration system, water is filtered no less than five times as it passes through the cartridge, removing limescale, metals and other particles that may create odd tastes and odours. Filtered and unfiltered water flow through different pipes and are dispensed from separate spouts to prevent contamination.

Beyond being able to enjoy great-tasting water, we love being able to fill our bottles straight from the tap without the need for a separate filtration system. Additionally, you’ll be protecting your coffee machine from limescale buildup.

squarerooms blanco kitchen evol s pro filter water filter sink children washing hands black matt grey stone countertop

To go with your advanced tap, the BLANCOETAGON sink in stainless steel or Silgranit has an ingenious three-tiered design, offering the functionality of a sink centre with the flexibility of rails on the side to aid with meal prep, plating, cleaning and storing.

Don’t overlook the space under your sink too. The BLANCO SELECT II 60/2 Compact storage and waste organisation system works perfectly with the plumbing of your BLANCO sink and tap.

squarerooms blanco select ii compact child little girl opening kitchen cabinet storage

Occupying little space while being easy to clean with a low-maintenance aluminium build, it helps with waste separation and recycling, and you can use it for storing cleaning products, pet food and more. A raised-level shelf also provides easy access to utensils, cloths and sink accessories.

The combination of the sink, tap and integrated organisation is what the brand calls a BLANCO UNIT, and you need one to keep your busy kitchen running smoothly.

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