Love Curves and Arches? You’ll Love the Rounded Features in these Gorgeous Homes

Get inspired by the archways, curved doors and rounded feature walls in these stunning local homes.

Curved kitchen window

squarerooms studio fortyfour blue curved design condo kitchen

Design by Studio FortyFour

Indoor windows will instantly give your home a quirky touch! Add in the bright blue cabinets and this is indeed a one-of-a-kind kitchen.

Tiered feature wall

squarerooms arche interior design home renovation makeover style look rounded curved arched feature wall wood tv living room

Design by Arche Interior

This feature wall in the living room is not just rounded but also beautifully tiered, giving the room lots of dimension with its two-level structure.

Arched door

squarerooms eightytwo interior design home renovation apartment makeover singapore contemporary style look moh guan red pink door arched rounded curved hallway

Design by EightyTwo

This colourful, rounded door treatment adds a whole lot of life to the otherwise white-washed hallway.

Curved false ceiling

squarerooms notion of w home renovation hdb bto flat minimalist luxury monochromatic black and white wood communal area living room dining kitchen curved ceiling

Design by Notion of W

This home goes to show how creative you can get even when opting for a minimalist aesthetic. The tiered false ceiling plays with curves for a fluid and mesmerising end result.

Open-concept archway

MSS dining area mr shopper studio squarerooms scandi wood cosy kitchen dining open space concept

Design by Mr Shopper Studio

We love nothing more than an arched kitchen entrance, and this one ticks all of our boxes. The cosy dining area is situated right outside the archway for a more intimate ambience.

Hole in the wall

squarerooms blend by imc interior home design renovation makeover 4 room bto hdb flat minimalist dark grey feature wall hole entrance kitchen

Design by Blend by ImC

One of the more unusual features on this list, this hole in the wall was inspired by the void decks underneath the home and fitted out with a narrow shelf for a handy display.

Curved hallway

Studio FortyFour white minimalist corridor

Design by Studio FortyFour

Not a fan of sharp turns at home? Got clumsy kids or pets who keep running into the corners? Go with something softer, like this rounded hallway that even features a curved display niche for good measure.

Half-moon headboard

squarerooms happe design atelier hda studio home renovation makeover 3 room resale hdb flat contemporary bedroom wood white gold curved rounded headboard

Design by Happe Design Atelier

Shiny, mirrored, tinted… and curved! This petite half-moon headboard has got it all and makes for a perfect addition to any bedroom, be it cool and minimalist or warm and cosy.

Illuminated headboard

squarerooms richfield integrated home renovation makeover terrace house 5 bedroom minimalist luxury luxurious black and white monochromatic luxe yio chu kang bedroom feature headboard wall rounded curved integrated light study desk office

Design by Richfield Integrated

If a small headboard doesn’t make enough of a statement for you, go bigger with a large-scale curved headboard plus built-in strip lighting. This one matches the modern aesthetic of the bedroom with a pared-back hue, minimalist lines and cool-toned lighting.

Cosy sleeping nook

SquareRooms-Pet-Friendly-Home-studio fortyfour scandi cosy cute pink cream dog living room

Design by Studio FortyFour

Want something special for your furry kids? A cosy little sleeping nook is going to make your pets feel comfortable no matter what. The rounded edges make it extra safe for even the most excitable puppies.