Master Your Kitchen With V-ZUG’s Functional and Easy-to-Use Appliances


Ever avoided difficult recipes because you think you don’t have the skill? As the main sponsor of MasterChef Singapore, V-ZUG is here to change that. With their range of MasterChef-worthy kitchen appliances, you can tackle any dish the easy way.

Perfect steaming

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Considering that steaming is quickly becoming one of the healthiest and most popular cooking methods, a trusty steam oven is a definite must-have in the kitchen. V-ZUG’s Combi-Steam and Steam cookers make for the perfect companions on your very own MasterChef journey, providing gentle steaming that retains your food’s vitamins, minerals, nutrients and intrinsic flavours and colours, all the while delivering perfect results with no burning or overcooking.

These Combi-Steam and Steam cookers have a roomy cavity so you’ll be able to steam several different ingredients simultaneously in the same cooking space. The appliances also come with various automated functions to make things extra easy. There’s everything from classic steaming to humid stewing, professional baking, soft roasting and even BakeOmatic, which detects fifteen different types of dishes for perfect cooking. With options for making yoghurt and sterilising your kitchenware as well, you’ll never get enough of these steam cookers.

When it comes to cleaning up, V-ZUG’s steam cookers will be looking good as new in no time. A series of smart generators introduce pure steam to the cooking chamber on command, preventing limescale build-up. The appliances can also recommend a descaling schedule for you based on your frequency of use.

Induction made easy

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Whether you’re looking for perfect simmering or quick boiling, the capabilities of your induction hob are key. V-ZUG’s modern induction hobs transfer energy directly to the bottom of your cookware for fast and precise heating with minimal energy consumption. If you need to make a quick lunch, you’ll be able to bring a litre of water to boil in just two minutes while saving up to 30% of energy.

The V-ZUG Full-Flex Hob is a particular crowd-pleaser, equipped with 48 built-in, state-of-the-art inductors that can automatically detect the position and size of your cookware for flexible cooking with no energy or time wasted. Place up to six pots and pans anywhere on the ceramic surface and use the intuitive controls to warm, simmer, boil and even melt ingredients at the touch of a button. Add in the seamless design and elegant craftsmanship and these induction hobs become real statement pieces in any modern kitchen.

Supreme food storage

squarerooms v-zug vzug kitchen appliances fridge large cooler

Even with the highest-quality cookers, no dish will be perfect without the freshest ingredients. That’s where V-ZUG’s Supreme CombiCooler v6000 comes in, keeping your ingredients crisp and fresh on the fridge’s adjustable InfinityShelf system. Whether you’re storing meats and veggies or an entire tiered cake, the cooler’s versatility will make space for all of your creations. You can even add on the convertible CombiCooler v6000 freezer for extra convenience, or pair your fridge with the full-sized Freezer v6000 for a supersized combo.

Of course, the Supreme fridges have more to offer than just versatile storage space. V-ZUG’s high-performance cooling technology will keep your food fresher for longer, offering separate humidity zones across various drawer compartments for optimal storage. At the same time, consistent air circulation ensures minimal temperature differences throughout the fridge, striking a balance between performance and energy savings. In fact, the V-ZUG Supreme CombiCooler v6000 is the only fridge to have achieved three energy-efficient ticks in the luxury category, making it a worthy investment for any aspiring MasterChef!

Need somewhere to store your prized wine collection too? V-ZUG’s Supreme fridge can be easily paired with the matching WineCooler v6000 for a seamless kitchen design that shows off your favourite bottles with sophisticated style.

Don’t take our word for it—see V-ZUG’s appliances in action below.

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