5 Service Yard Ideas To Save Space

Despite being one of the most utilised areas of the home, service yards are often neglected during renovations. They tend to remain hidden in a corner, taking up valuable space with little aesthetic appeal. Consider these space-saving ideas to bring your service yard out of the dark.

  1. Store vertically
    Before you dive into major renovation works, such as hacking walls, start small with what you already have. Your washing machine and dryer, for instance, don’t need to sit next to each other, but can be stacked to utilise vertical space. Alternatively, use the space above your appliances to install shelves, clothing racks, or entire cupboards. Freeing up space will not only allow you to store things more comfortably, but will open up possibilities for creative decor that can liven up your service yard, such as plants.


    Image courtesy of @fxngs.k

  2. Install a counter
    Despite the service yard being dedicated to laundry, the room often lacks the necessary surface space to properly fold clothes. Installing a counter over your washing machine and dryer is a fuss-free solution to this, allowing you to not only do your laundry, but store washing liquids and other items that might fall off shaky appliances. You can even combine the counter installation with further vertical storage, making the most of your space. To pretty up the room, store powders and liquids in clear jars, and arrange some flowers on the counter.


    Image courtesy of @gemmaduck_

  3. Use the ceiling
    By overlooking the potential of your ceiling as storage space, you can miss out on some nifty solutions. For instance, clothing racks can be fastened to the ceiling, avoiding awkward movements around a bulky rack. For something a little more conventional, shelving units attached to the ceiling make for an ideal place to store towels and linen. If you are worried about smells from the kitchen lingering on your fabrics, store your items in airtight boxes, and only hang clothes to dry while you are not cooking.


    Image courtesy of Steigen

  4. Hack the wall
    While the hacking of walls in HDB units requires a permit and can become a costly venture, opening up a dark laundry corner can be worth the investment. The resulting space will be larger and brighter, and give you complete creative freedom over your laundry arrangements. If you don’t particularly want a visible service yard, incorporate your appliances into the kitchen by hiding them inside a cabinet, freeing up the corner space. Keep in mind, however, that not everyone will appreciate this change – if you plan to resell your home further down the line, this kind of renovation might decrease its value.


    Image courtesy of @skycreationsg

  5. Convert the wall into shelving
    If you don’t want to open things up completely, you can do it partially instead. Opt for an indented shelf, removing only part of the wall and indenting the rest for plenty of storage space. To take things a step further, turn your wall into open shelving, either by cutting into the drywall or by removing the wall and replacing it with an open shelving unit. This will not only increase your storage space, but will facilitate air and light flow between rooms.


    Image courtesy of Starry Homestead

    Featured image courtesy of Three-D Conceptwerke.