Luxuriate With This Relaxing Hand Shower

Luxuriate with the hansgrohe Rainfinity hand shower, which refines your shower experience with a glorious sensory treat.

Turning regular bathrooms into next-level retreats, the hansgrohe Rainfinity hand shower embodies the invigorating PowderRain spray technology. True to its name, this spray mode provides thousands of microfine droplets to immerse your body with a relaxing embrace.

These tiny droplets make all the difference as compared to conventional shower jets. Instead of a single spray outlet per nozzle, PowderRain comprises four fine openings which transform the spray into delicate drops of sensual enjoyment. So light and noticeably quiet, the PowderRain droplets descend gently upon your skin without bouncing off. This reduces shower noise significantly and creates less splashback as well, for a truly tranquil shower.


Other than the PowderRain spray mode, the Rainfinity hand shower offers two more shower modes to suit different cleaning needs. Choose the Intense PowderRain mode and activate the concentrated jet at the centre of the jet disc for rinsing out shampoo efficiently. The last mode is the soothing MonoRain spray, which targets arms and legs to provide a reinvigorating yet powerful Kneipp-inspired wash.

Beyond these shower indulgences, the design of the hand shower makes a minimalist statement with its matte white surface. Adding to its understated appeal is the contemporary graphite shade of its jet disc. Fitting into most urban bathroom styles seamlessly, the hansgrohe Rainfinity hand shower elevates your daily cleaning routines in more ways than one.

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