This Versatile Cooker Hob Is Made For Compact Kitchens Helmed By Avid Home Chefs

An essential fixture in any kitchen is the cooker hob. Without one, the cooking space is not equipped to fulfil its primary function – which is to prepare your everyday meals. When choosing the ideal cooker hob, it is important to note that it shouldn’t just carry out its function, it should also be versatile, durable, safe and easy to clean so that you can effortlessly whip up a meal whenever you feel like it.

One such kitchen essential is the Tecno T333TGSV 90cm three-burner glass hob. Equipped with two large wok burners and a medium burner, the burner hob is fitted with Tecno’s Variable Valve System (V.V.S.) that allows all three burners to double up for the heaviest frying and the lightest simmering. The hob also boasts inbuilt air vents that aid combustion to create a more efficient and powerful flame, allowing you to create the desired “wok hei” flavour in stir-fried dishes.

In addition to the above technical specifications, the Tecno T333TGSV three-burner hob has an ergonomic design with burners spaced strategically so that the hob is able to fit two woks measuring up to 42cm each at the sides and a medium-sized pot in the middle, allowing users to cook multiple dishes at once.

The cooker hob promises uncompromised safety as it is equipped with Schott German Tempered Glass that will ensure the integrity of the glass top even under heavy usage. Another safety feature of the T333TGSV is the instant ignition safety valve device that cuts off the gas supply if the flame accidentally gets extinguished. The hob also comes with cool touch knobs made with Bakelite material to reduce heat absorption.

The Tecno T333TGSV is finished with heavy-duty aluminium alloy burners and brass burner caps, as well as cast iron pan, supports for durability. Available in 9 colours as well as a smaller version – the T22TGSV – this cooker hob is ideal for homeowners looking for a highly functional gas hob that will match their cooking space.

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