A Cutting-Edge Water Heater for Showers with Peace of Mind


From energy-saving features to antibacterial water inlets, Rubine’s newest water heaters have it all.

With decades of experience crafting efficient and sustainable water heaters, Rubine has now launched MATRIX, its newest series of next-generation electric water heaters. These heaters combine a futuristic diamond exterior that looks sleek in any home with eco-friendly smart technology and plenty of energy-efficient features.

For instance, the heaters’ innovative Fairwater Sleeve provides you with 20% more hot water than conventional heaters, while the thick polyurethane foam insulation guarantees minimal thermal loss while the heater is in use, saving up to 30% more energy.

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The inner tank of the water heater is moreover coated with titanium enamel and fitted out with a thick magnesium anode, as well as a single weld for a lower risk of water leakage. Alongside the enamel-coated heating element, these features help the heater to withstand high pressure and ultimately enhance its lifespan. Add in the heating element’s and the inner tank’s five and seven-year warranties and you have yourself a product that will last you for years down the line.

Plus, these new water heaters come with a built-in independent thermo cut-out to prevent overheating, as well as an SGS-certified antibacterial water inlet for safer showers with peace of mind.

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The MATRIX water heaters are in a 15 or 30-litre size and in a black or white colour to suit a variety of home interiors. Watch this video to find out more, then head down to the Rubine showroom and experience them for yourself!

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