Product Review: New SMEG Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine


Known for its compact and stylish kitchen appliances, SMEG has now launched a brand new Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine, giving you the aromatic pleasure of freshly ground coffee. Intrigued, we decided to take it for a spin—here’s what we found.

If you’re a real coffee lover, you’re sure to appreciate the freshness of a cuppa made from coffee beans instead of instant powder. Providing you with all that coffee goodness is precisely the goal of the new Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine. Right from the get-go, it starts up quickly and without hiccups, making the beginning stages of the coffee experience pretty seamless.

squarerooms smeg bean to cup coffee machine bcc02rdmeu white grey red aesthetic small kitchen appliance milk foam steamer


As the machine is available in two models, BCC01 and BCC02, you’ll want to make sure to choose the setup that best suits your preferences, so you don’t have to fiddle with settings you’re not interested in. BCC01 is perfect for a cup of rich black coffee, while the BCC02 model features a milk frothing/steaming function that’s ideal for lattes, cappuccinos and latte macchiatos. No matter your machine of choice, you can also select how finely to grind the coffee to further customise the strength.

The machine also promises a simple and intuitive control panel with one-touch functions to craft up to six different beverages. This was the only part that we found less straightforward than expected.

Once you switch from coffee brewing to frothing on the BCC02 model, you have to manually switch back to the regular coffee setting in order to brew regular-strength coffee, an extra step that seems rather superfluous. If you don’t make the manual switch, the coffee still brews, but with a weaker flavour profile.

squarerooms smeg bean to cup coffee machine bcc01blmeu white grey black aesthetic small kitchen appliance


However, if you can overlook this extra step that makes the brewing process a little more elaborate than usual, the resulting coffee (in the correct setting!) is flavourful, aromatic and just how we like it. Plus, the machine auto-purges any leftover fluid every time it’s started up, making for pure, fresh coffee every day.

And last but not least, it’s easily dismantled for straightforward cleaning, making it a fairly low-maintenance appliance.

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