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What Is Your New Scandi Style?
What do you like best about the Scandinavian style?

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How To Create The Right Mood At Home With Fragrances
How a home smells is often overlooked when it comes to decorating a space but it can actually take away or add to the overall mood at home. After all, you don’t want your aesthetically beautiful home to smell bad as it can diminish your efforts in creating a comfortable
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Why We Should All Follow The Scandinavian Style
From the birthplace of IKEA, Alexander Skarsgard and Absolut Vodka, we have a lot to thank Sweden for. More so, when the Scandi style invaded the world of interior design. Sleek furnishing, minimalistic design, and easy cleaning, it has all the ingredients of a well functioning yet stylish home. Scandi-fever
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6 Unique Ways To Dress Up Your Mirror
Mirrors are amazing things; they add character, give illusion of depth and give practicality to any wall. There can be no shortage of mirrors in any home, so why not make them look extra special? Add a paper mache frame [caption id="attachment_3796" align="alignnone" width="736"] Image credit: Anthropologie[/caption] Grab some mod
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Spice Up Your Home With These Stylish Wall Decals
Different types of wall decals can alter the general feel and will vary in cost, quality and reusability. How do you choose the type of wall decal to use, and where to place them? We give you the lowdown on these awesome stickers. Why wall decals? Image credit: Etsy @luxeloft
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7 Clever Hacks To Make A Small Space Feel Larger
Living rooms are always the number one culprit when it comes to gathering clutter – so what’s the solution to creating more space in your living room? Check out our ideas; they just might work for you. Use a multipurpose tabletop Image Credit  Make like spy and hide all your clutter
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3 Elegant Flooring Options To Glam Up Your Space
You don't often see it because it's under your feet, but flooring is a big part of your home and can radically transform the look of your interiors, depending on the selection of material texture and colour. So if you've always wanted a home that oozes sophistication and class, luxe
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5 Products To Achieve 5-Star Bathrooms At Home
Love the washrooms in luxury hotels? Recreate them in your own home with these ideas. Flush with features Available as a floor-standing or wall-hanging unit, Gerberit AquaClean Sela looks modern, is easy to clean, and has a soft-closing lid. You can also skip installing a bidet as this has a
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5 Ways To Add Drama To Your Decor
Is your home lacking in excitement? Here's how to liven things up. Go for a dark colour scheme [caption id="attachment_3132" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Credit: John Lewis[/caption] The deep and rich tones can give a sense of intimacy and splendour. If you are apprehensive about using black, choose a less intimidating hue
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8 Small But Beautiful Bedroom Design Ideas
These tiny yet successful bedroom interiors prove how less can be a lot more. More than words [caption id="attachment_3193" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Credit: Design letters[/caption] We're loving the stick alphabet bed linen, but the storage compartments underneath the bed are also good to have. Easy to reach and you can even
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