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A neutral palette of pristine white and cosy woodgrains make for a discerning haven perfect for the occupants’ daily repose.


Space: Walk-up apartment
Size: 1,500 square feet
Location: Balestier Estate
Home to: 2 adults, 2 children
Designer: Yeoh Cheng Jin from ZLC
Reno Period: 4 months

Living and dining

ZLC Balestier Estate

To meet the homeowners’ needs for plenty of storage space within the home, interior designer Yeoh Cheng Jin from Z L Construction installed cabinets around the television set as well as along the full-length of one wall. A mixture of white and wood laminates were used, which are further complemented by the wood-effect floor tiles from Hafary.


ZLC Balestier Estate

Taking full advantage of the empty space at the entryway, a full-height cabinet was installed to provide a storage space for the family’s shoes. For added functionality, niches were embedded within the design, where the bottom niche keeps commonly worn shoes easily accessible, while the middle niche serves as a landing spot for keys.

Master bedroom

ZLC Balestier Estate

To create a Zen-like atmosphere in the bedroom, Cheng Jin opted to follow a traditional Japanese design theme. To achieve this, a light wood-laminated elevated platform was installed, upon which the mattresses lay. Additionally, the absence of built-ins serve to further enhance the tranquility of the sleeping zone.

Master bedroom storage

ZLC Balestier Estate

After the mezzanine level was built, the pitched roof resulted in untapped space within the master bedroom. To fully maximise the area, a storage area was carved out. Meanwhile, a pair of wood- laminated shelves that store the childrens’ toys and books line the entrance, which also doubles up as a screen that hide the items that are stored behind it.


ZLC Balestier Estate

The homeowners requested for a monochrome look in the kitchen to keep it looking neat. The utilitarian zone’s predominantly white surfaces were complemented by splashes of black shades – seen through the black quartz countertops as well as black laminates within the cabinetry.

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This post was adapted from an article originally published in the March 2019 issue of SquareRooms.