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Clean lines meet cosy decor in this restful three-bedroom apartment that allows its two occupants to unwind in daily comfort.


Space: 3-bedroom condominium unit
Size: Approx 1,100 square feet
Location: Canberra Drive
Home to: 2 adults
Designer: Ryan Liu from ZLC
Reno Period: 5 weeks


ZLC Canberra Drive

Designed by Ryan Liu from Z L Construction, this three-bedroom apartment follows the principles of Scandinavian and minimalist design concepts, where shades of wood and white satisfy the owners’ desire for a simple and welcoming living space. Right by the home’s entrance, the kitchen is now an open and free-flowing space after a partition wall that separated it from the rest of the unit was demolished.

Island Counter

ZLC Canberra Drive

After the kitchen’s partition wall was knocked down, an island unit was erected in its place. Made from a laminated plywood base and a quartz countertop, this fixture offers additional food prep space while also doubling up as an informal dining zone. And though storage units are embedded within the island’s base, they only take up a slim profile, which makes for a more comfortable seating experience on both sides of the unit.


ZLC Canberra Drive

In the kitchen, newly mounted cabinets clad in sleek glossy-white laminates were installed. The absence of door handles further enhances the streamlined look of the space. To prevent the surroundings from appearing too plain, marble-lookalike tiles were used on the backsplash, which helps give the utilitarian zone a classy vibe.


ZLC Canberra Drive

Converted from a spare bedroom, the study has been kitted out with built-in table that is capable of accommodating both occupants at any one time. Next to it, a shelf with cubbyholes was created to store books, while a corkboard allows important documents to be pinned up.

Master Bedroom

ZLC Canberra Drive

Offering a dual purpose, the platform bed not only serves as a cosy sleeping spot, but it also offers storage solutions in the form of pullout drawers. Thoughtful ttings make the owners’ daily rest more seamless. This can be seen through the bedside tables, wall-mounted reading lamps, as well as cove lights that ll the room with a warm glow.

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This post was adapted from an article originally published in the May 2019 issue of SquareRooms.