The Orange Cube | Luxurious | Simei Street 4


Striking feature walls and a carefully curated material palette transform this three-bedroom apartment into a luxurious abode for two.


Space: 3-bedroom condominium unit
Location: Simei Street 4
Home to: 2 adults
Designer: Ashley Chong from The Orange Cube
Reno Period: 10 weeks


The Orange Cube Simei Street 4

A modern-luxury theme takes precedence in this three-bedroom home. The living room’s focal point lies with the television feature wall. Akin to a frame, the design comprises a black rectangular border that surrounds a mixture of wood and glossy laminates, injecting the communal zone with a powerful design punch.


The Orange Cube Simei Street 4

To transform the apartment’s entryway into a fully functional space, designer Ashley Chong from The Orange Cube adorned one wall with wood-laminated cabinets to provide ample storage space for shoes and other household accessories. A recessed niche was installed in the middle to serve as a landing spot for keys, wallets and feng shui ornaments.

Master bedroom

The Orange Cube Simei Street 4

Fabric-lookalike laminates were used on the headboard to soften up the overall look of the sleeping zone. Along the bay window, a newly customised ledge offers a comfy seating spot, while cubbyholes at the end provide extra storage for books.

Master bathroom

The Orange Cube Simei Street 4

Aiming to recreate an elegant, hotel-like concept within the master en suite, Ashley utilised materials in a darker nish throughout
the space. This can be seen in the grey stone-textured homogeneous tiles on the wall behind the vanity, as well as the vertically-arranged rectangular-shaped mosaic tiles within the wet shower.


The Orange Cube Simei Street 4

Over in the kitchen, the use of glossy white laminates on the cabinets not only carry on the colour scheme from the outer living spaces, but also makes the utilitarian area look and feel bigger. As the homeowners use the kitchen quite often, the installation of quartz countertops and backsplash helps in increasing the durability of the cooking zone.

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This post was adapted from an article originally published in the March 2019 issue of SquareRooms.