This Diamond-Cut Faucet Redefines Luxury in the Bathroom


Thirteen years after AXOR’s first collaboration with Jean-Marie Massaud, the French designer was brought back on board for another addition to the brand’s range of luxury bathroom fittings. The result is AXOR Edge, a premium faucet cut out of a solid brass block using real diamonds and meticulous precision.

A new definition of luxury

squarerooms hansgrohe axor edge faucet bathroom tap mixer gold white basin sink

AXOR’s newest faucet redefines our understanding of luxury at home, transcending the boundaries of aesthetics and technology. The faucet is more than just a fitting, consisting of asymmetrically combined cubes that come together to form a real centrepiece, the jewel of any bathroom. It takes its name from the ultraprecise edges on the faucet’s surface—the result of a careful manufacturing process involving diamonds for a refined finish like no other.

squarerooms hansgrohe axor edge faucet bathroom tap mixer black grey sink washbasin

While this textured surface is without a doubt a delicate and eye-catching testament to the faucet’s impeccable craftsmanship, AXOR Edge is also available without a partial texturing of the surface for those who prefer a more minimalist design, all the while maintaining its lustre and radiance.

The faucet can be personalised further with a choice of four polished AXOR FinishPlus surfaces, ranging from Gold-Optic to Black Chrome. No matter your preferences, AXOR Edge fulfils Jean-Marie Massaud’s wish to make a sculpture out of an everyday object. “A real functional piece of art that shares your intimacy for life—that’s my understanding of luxury,” shares the designer.

Additionally manufactured with Physical Vapour Deposition in the vacuum chambers of the AXOR production plant, the polished AXOR Edge is as sturdy as it is visually stunning, making for a long-lasting addition to washbasins, bathtubs, showers and even bidets.

State-of-the-art technology

squarerooms hansgrohe axor edge faucet bathroom tap mixer gold production

Uniquely refined from start to finish, AXOR Edge is crafted using a state-of-the-art diamond-cutting machine developed exclusively for this luxurious faucet. This machine ensures meticulously accurate planes and contours, applying the same avant-garde diamond-tipped tool used in space and laser industries to the production of AXOR Edge, milling the faucet’s chamfers at precisely 45 degrees for an infallible finish.

Line by line, a solid brass block is transformed with precision-pointed pyramids into a gem characterised by a luxurious play of light and shadow.

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