Here’s Why Every Stylish Kitchen Needs This Minimalist Sink That Boasts Robust Functionality


A love for hosting and home entertaining makes open-concept kitchens a highly sought-after option for design-savvy homeowners – who doesn’t love a bright and open space where guests and hosts can mingle as the food is being prepared? To match the stylish home, Franke has developed a game-changing series of sinks that will appeal to homeowners who appreciate contemporary and edgy designs. Sporting a minimalist appearance, the Fragranite range of kitchen sinks made by Franke features a large basin with thin walls and edges to create a seamless workspace for the avid home chef. Its state-of-the-art aesthetics using the specialised Fragranite material – which is made up of 80% natural quartz and 20% acrylic resin – netted its Style line various accolades, including the iF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award.

This year, Franke added the Urban series to its Fragranite family. Coming with an uncomplicated mounting procedure, the range includes a stylish drainer board, strainer bowl and waste kit to complete the sink to help organise the flow of food preparation. Forget the commonly seen stainless steel fixtures – these chic Fragranite sinks offer both style and function when integrated into kitchens.

Its colour palette has also expanded to include Oatmeal, Graphite and Stone Grey, in addition to the highly popular Polar White and Onyx. These colours cannot be scraped off the surface of the sturdy Fragranite – the tones were heated onto the material at such a high temperature that they will never fade. Looks aside, the sink is able to withstand sustained wear and tear. This is because the quartz in its composite makes it virtually impossible to damage through impact or scratches. Each sink is also engineered with reinforced rails to keep the basin in shape. On the top, the surface can withstand high temperatures of up to 280°C, perfect for when one is whipping up an elaborate feast. In the kitchen, hygiene is of the utmost importance – that is why Franke teamed up with leading antimicrobial treatments specialist Sanitized to treat its Fragranite sinks. While bacteria can multiply every 20 minutes on an unprotected surface, Sanitized’s treatment helps to reduce the growth by 99%. This keeps the food prep area safe for home chefs to work on without having to perform a thorough clean after every cook. A layer of protection that once again gels with the longevity of the sink – the Fragranite range made by Franke is most definitely made to endure.

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