Enhance Your Home’s Style and Cleanliness with Dyson’s Innovative Products


For Connie and Ash, the key to creating the perfect home environment revolved predominantly around embracing a monochromatic aesthetic. “My husband has a passion for dark industrial features while I love the feel of fresh white space, so embracing a black and white colour scheme allowed us to create a home which reflects the two of us, both as individuals and as a unit,” Connie explains.


The couple also appreciates minimalistic style and wanted to embrace that same look and feel in their own home. They achieved this by keeping their décor relatively simple yet stylish, focusing on key features and fittings across the entire apartment.

With such a carefully curated interior aesthetic, the couple made it a point to also source for products with a minimalistic design and colours that would tie in with their home’s overall style. But, aside from looks, these key products also needed to step up to the mark when it came to functionality, and that’s where Dyson’s range really set itself apart. “We’re so happy we selected Dyson’s products for our home, not only does their sleek design perfectly complement our decor, but their performance has really made a difference to our everyday lives,” said Ash.


With Ash working as an Air Steward for Singapore Airlines and Connie as a Relationship Manager for a local bank, the couple have very different yet equally busy working schedules, which often leave them with little time for household chores. So, when they do make the effort to clean, they want it to be as efficient as possible, and that’s why choosing the V11, Dyson’s most powerful cordless vacuum to date, was an easy decision.

“We wanted to invest in a vacuum cleaner that would enable us to maintain a dust and dirt-free environment without needing to spend several hours cleaning each week,” the couple added.

Given the nature of his job, Ash is often away from home travelling, so for him it’s all about efficiency when it comes to cleaning. “There are often times when I have a tight turn-around between work trips and all I want to do is spend time at home relaxing. But I know it’s still important to keep our home clean and healthy, and that’s where the Dyson V11 has been a great help. It’s not only quick and easy to use, it also delivers impressive suction power which makes it much more effective than other cordless vacuums.”


Connie spends much more time at home than her husband giving her more flexibility around household chores. For her the Dyson V11 is all about giving their home a thorough clean, removing everything from the most stubborn dirt to the tiniest invisible particles, and she noticed the V11’s impressive power straight away. “It feels good to see such a huge amount of dust and dirt being captured and trapped inside” commented Connie.

Thanks to the Dyson V11’s fully sealed filtration system she also has the reassurance that 99.97% of particles, even the finest ones, stay trapped inside, dramatically reducing their exposure to dust and allergens. She commented, “it feels good to know that I’m also improving my home’s overall environment as I vacuum.”

The vacuum’s LCD display screen also ensures the machine is always operating at optimal performance. It displays selected power mode, battery life, remaining run time and even filter maintenance and blockage notifications, making it extremely user friendly. Connie commended, “I need all the help I can get with household chores, especially when my husband is away, and the Dyson V11 has been providing me with just that.”


The Dyson V11 also comes with a wide range of attachment tools which make it easy to tackle every corner of the home, from dust-busting tight corners to gently dusting windowsills and lampshades. Connie elaborates, “The attachments are easily interchangeable which makes it so much easier to clean different surfaces, and as it is cordless you can even get to those hard to reach places that usually get missed altogether.”

For added practicality and convenience, the Dyson V11’s stand keeps it stored away neatly whilst also charging it ready for the next use. The stand also automatically switches off charging mode once the Dyson V11 reaches full battery, preserving the battery lifespan of the product.

As a couple who value their time relaxing at home, Connie and Ash were also excited to test out the features of the Pure Cool Me purifying fan. “We spend a lot of our time relaxing in the living room and it’s really important to us that we’re in a clean and healthy environment. So, the fact that the Pure Cool Me can provide a direct stream of cool purified air really gives us that extra peace of mind,” the couple says.

This personalised purifier can be used in a wide range of spaces thanks to its compact structure, but its size doesn’t mean compromising on performance. Thanks to its in-built HEPA filter the Pure Cool Me is able to capture 99.95% of ultra-fine particles such as pollen, mould and bacteria, creating a healthier indoor environment. Ash chimed in, “We love the versatility of the purifier, it’s really easy to move it to the space where we need it most and the handy remote means we can control it from anywhere in the room.”


When Ash is away Connie often uses the Pure Cool Me next to the bed so she can enjoy cool purified air without needing to power up the aircon. “I’m an avid reader and love to get stuck into a book before bedtime so I really appreciate the direct stream of cooling air on my pillow. But reading can sometimes make me sleepy so I often use the sleep timer so I can doze off at any time knowing the Pure Cool Me will switch off automatically while I’m asleep,” she commented.

The design of the Pure Cool Me also fits perfectly with the overall aesthetic of Connie and Ash’s home. Ash added, “We deliberately chose the Gunmetal/Copper finish as the unique design not only compliments the other features in our home, but also makes the purifier a real statement piece on its own. The discreet LCD screen is also an added bonus as it conveniently shows you the mode, airflow speed and filter life without distracting from its sleek design.”

Completing their suite of products is the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer, which Connie and Ash use on a regular basis. “Most people assume that this product was all my idea but actually we both love the fact that we can dry our hair quickly and efficiently without worrying about heat damage,” added Connie.


What makes the Supersonic different from other hairdryers is the impressive technology that’s hidden inside. The impressive air jet comes from the Dyson Digital Motor V9 which is so powerful it propels up to 13 litres of air every second, whilst intelligent heat control measures air temperature over 40 times a second, regulating heat to prevent heat damage and protect shine.

The tech product has recently been revamped with a series of new attachments which are specifically designed to suit different types of hair. Connie has really enjoyed the versatility this offers. “When I’m busy I tend to just dry my hair quickly, but when I have more time, I like to experiment with the Diffuser attachment to create soft waves that give extra bounce and volume. What’s even better is that I can do all this without worrying about creating frizz, damaging hair or losing shine,” she explains.


As for Ash, with Singapore Airlines having one of the highest personal grooming standards in the aviation industry, the Supersonic offers him unique benefits that cater to his high-flying job. “There are times where I get called up for flights urgently and have little time to prepare and pack, so the Dyson Supersonic makes my life much easier by allowing me to quickly dry and style my hair without worrying about causing heat damage,” he explains.

Despite their contrasting lifestyles it’s clear to see that Connie and Ask both benefit from the innovative technology that Dyson has brought to their home. What’s more, they’ve been able to elevate their home environment whilst staying true to their personal style, achieving key home goals without compromise!

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