Back to Black: How to Use Black Colour for a Sophisticated Home Design

Black can be a daunting colour, so it’s no wonder many homeowners are reluctant to infuse it into their interior decoration. We encourage you to break free of your doubts with these six invigorating ways to decorate with black. Welcome to the dark side!

Use black to make large spaces feel more intimate


Image courtesy of IN-EXPAT

Those with homes boasting the luxury of space may still desire a more intimate setting in certain rooms. Having a black feature wall or black ceiling will provide that much-needed cosiness. Black walls also work on open-floor plans and allow you to visually separate parts of your abode, such as the dining area from the living room.

Use black furniture for a minimalist look


Image courtesy of Fineline Design

If you love the minimalist look, black furniture will be your best friend. Colour-coordinating your cabinets, tables and kitchen island calls for a more streamlined look and creates the illusion of a more organised home, resulting in a sleek and minimalist space.

Pair black with other shades for a bold look


Image courtesy of Space Factor Pte Ltd

Combining black tones with other colours brings forth an array of opportunities to elevate the look of your home. The matching of industrial red elements with bold black flooring makes this kitchen look extremely edgy. Depending on the look you want to achieve, let your imagination run wild with other accent colours, such as gold, yellow or even emerald green.

Highlight your decor with a black backdrop


Image courtesy of Skye Cecelia Design

Black furniture accentuates whatever display pieces you have, especially if they’re in bright, contrasting colours. Even if your artwork or photographs come in different colours and styles, you can place them in white frames for a uniform look. This way everything will appear curated, not cluttered!

Opt for black hues in natural materials


Image courtesy of Mesh Werk Studio

Black can be naturally found in many types of natural stone, such as marble and granite. The natural variations these materials possess add sophistication while softening the effect of the dark colours. A popular choice for homeowners is slate due to its unique texture and tones, ranging from light grey to the deepest black.

Work black into different materials for subtle texture


Image courtesy of 0932 Design Consultants

One easy way to break up potential monotony when working with black colour is to weave it into a variety of different textures. Mix and match the items in your room with a black rug, a marble-look wall and a TV feature made of dark wood to achieve that beguiling luxe look.