Simple Hacks To Keep The Bathroom And Bedroom Organised And Neat


Other than the bed, the wardrobe is an essential component of the bedroom. A well-organised wardrobe will make your mornings that much easier. The larger the bedroom, the more space you can allocate to the wardrobe; you can even have a dedicated walk-in wardrobe. That said, no matter the size, a pole system offers versatility compared to conventional built-in wardrobes. Pole-system wardrobes allow you to configure the wardrobe just the way you like it. They also provide the freedom of dismantling and moving it to another spot in future.

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Is a bedside table necessary for everyone? It really depends on your habits and routines. A pegboard might be all you need to place your current read, a glass of water and other small items you need to get ready for bed. A pegboard on the wall also frees up floor space – a perfect organising solution for small bedrooms! You can personalise the Skådis pegboard from IKEA with different accessories whether you’re a book reader, music lover or Netflix fan.

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Here’s what you can do with spare wooden pegs. Stick them onto the wall to hold small towels and other lightweight items. As with most things, the larger the peg, the heavier the item it can hold. Spruce up the look by spray painting the pegs before mounting them on the wall.

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Do you prefer to keep less-used or yet to be worn shoes in your wardrobe? The possibility of forgetting about them can be high when they get lost in the depths of the wardrobe. Clear plastic boxes or storage boxes with plastic windows like these from HipVan let you see the contents at a glance. The latter type also matches woodgrain surfaces perfectly.

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In addition to cupboards at the sink and a mirror cabinet, an additional cabinet can be mounted on a free bathroom wall. This solution provides you with extra space for toiletries or medications that must be kept out of the reach of tiny hands. Ensure that the cabinet is well within the dry area of the bathroom.

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Although compact, the bathroom offers more storage space than you might think possible. The toilet area is often underutilised and can be maximised with an open storage unit like IKEA’s DYNAN. Perfect for cramped spaces and the toilet area, it consists of slim shelves where you can store your bathroom supplies within reach.

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Pockets of spaces are available if you look hard enough. Consider the wall by your study desk, chest of drawers or vanity area as another space to keep everyday items handy. Install one or two rails and hang S-hooks to hold your favourite jewellery and watches. Don’t forget your notes to self to motivate you every morning.

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From the bedroom to the study, kitchen and bathroom, small everyday items find their way in almost every part of the house and lead to clutter. That is why organising solutions are needed in various parts of the home. But they can also serve double duty in different spaces. For instance, the desk organisers keep stationery tidy in the study. Or, if you’d like to change things up, move it to the bathroom to store toiletries and care products.

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Whether on gifts, packaging or dresses, things like ribbons, fabric strings and sashes make their way into our home. Don’t throw them away, though. Bedding and bed linen can often be awkward to fold, take up more space than they should and clutter up shelves (think comforters and fitted sheets!). So, ribbons and such can be reused to bundle up towels, bedding and bed linen. Tying them up is an easy and quick solution for neat storage in your wardrobe and fuss-free retrieval.

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Available in sizes big and small, baskets are a great solution for organising the bathroom and the wardrobe in the bedroom. Plus, they add warmth and style with their natural textures.  Aside from using them to store supplies, have baskets to organise the items you need by function too. For example, you can keep all your pampering must-haves in one basket. That way, it’s easy to have all you need whenever it’s time for your self-care rituals.

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This was adapted from an article originally written by Rossara Jamil published in the September 2019 issue of SquareRooms.