4 Timeless Colours for a Brighter Home


Create a more soothing and uplifting home with these four fool-proof shades.

Relaxed blue

squarerooms Mr Shopper studio blue bedroom

Image courtesy of Mr Shopper Studio

A shade that never quite goes out of style, blue is one of those colours that immediately evokes safety, relaxation and a sense of calm. Blue also represents water, which tends to make people feel relaxed and refreshed. Dark blues can be more formal in feel and offer that stately finish. Light powder blue is perfect if you’re aiming for a light and bright space with a soothing vibe.



Image courtesy of Versaform

Green is one of those colours that has long been associated with optimism and happiness. It also symbolises health, new beginnings and is calming on the eyes. The idea that being in nature helps to relax and heal the mind is exactly why green is an excellent colour to adopt into your home design.

Sunshine yellow

squarerooms kam idris unsplash yellow chair modern living room

Image courtesy of Kam Idris/Unsplash

Yellow is associated with happiness and spontaneity and is perhaps the most energising of the warm colours. With its sunny vibe, it often represents hope and can therefore help to add a cheery outlook when used in the home. Too much yellow can be overwhelming, however, so opt for a subtle infusion for best results.

Playful pink

squarerooms Mr Shopper studio pink living room

Image courtesy of Mr Shopper Studio

Pink is probably one of the most playful colours out there, yet it’s often underrated despite its versatility. Traditionally only used in the bedroom, pink is creeping into kitchens, bathrooms and even study rooms. It represents elegance and tenderness and can infuse your home with a sense of love and grace.

This post was adapted from an article originally published in the January 2021 issue of SquareRooms.