6 Clever Ways to Disguise Your HDB Shelter


That bulky bomb shelter that’s ruining the entire look of your home? It’s there for a reason, namely your safety! But while it has an important function, that doesn’t mean we have to let it sit around awkwardly at the heart of our HDB units. We don’t recommend filling up your shelter with decor and furniture, as those items can interfere with its safety purpose. We do, however, recommend getting creative with the outside of your household shelter. From a fresh coat of paint to hidden storage, here are six clever ways you can disguise your bomb shelter.

Make it stand out

Disguising a bomb shelter does not necessarily mean making it invisible. In fact, it’s often better to hide it in plain sight by drawing the eye to it! You can decorate the outer walls of your shelter with varying tones of wood, a vibrant coat of paint and even some lively plants. Turning your shelter into an eye-catching feature will trick you into forgetting it’s a shelter in the first place, making it appear like a purposeful addition to your home design.

squarerooms salt studio mint green bomb shelter mirror scandinavian living room

Image courtesy of Salt Studio

Add a large mirror

Nothing gives your home that certain luxe factor like a large mirror. Your shelter is the perfect space to try out this reflective feature, adding dimension to the otherwise unused wall space while brightening your overall home. Plus, by reflecting the rest of the space, the mirror completely distracts from the bomb shelter that lies behind it.

Besides brightening up the entryway, the large mirror also helps to distract the view from the boxy household shelter that sits along the same footpath.

Image courtesy of ROOOT Studio

Turn it into a bookshelf

While the walls of your bomb shelter are likely not thick enough to be carved into open shelves, you can add a second layer with built-in shelving to the outside of the shelter during your next renovation. Choose between leaving your new shelves entirely open for a natural look or fit them out with clear glass panels to protect your books from dust and moisture.


Image courtesy of Story of Us

Sneak in some hidden storage

If open shelves are not your cup of tea, opt instead for a sneaky storage unit hidden on the inside of the shelter’s outer layer. This type of storage can function as a discreet shoe cabinet or a place to stow away winter clothes and other items that never seem to have a dedicated space.

squarerooms meter square bomb shelter shoe cabinet kitchen

Image courtesy of Meter Square

Feature it

If you’re hoping to combine function and style in your next renovation, turning your HDB’ household shelter into a TV feature wall might be just what you’re looking for. Whether you cover the shelter in wood panels or veined marble, mounting your TV on the final result makes it more than just an aesthetic change. You can even complement the whole set-up with a few built-in shelves, giving the shelter another touch of practicality.

squarerooms space factor living room bomb shelter marvel tv feature wall

Image courtesy of Space Factor

Conceal it

You may be looking through these ideas and thinking that you don’t want to highlight your shelter with paint, mirrors and storage—you just want it gone. In that case, why not conceal the entire bulk of it behind some stylish full-height panels? For a seamless look, apply the same panels to the wall behind your TV and all around the living room.

Although simple in design, the bomb shelter’s understated facade offers a stylish and efficient way to hide away the room’s clunky door, which would stand out like a sore thumb against the apartment’s streamlined aesthetic.

Image courtesy of akiHAUS