7 Must-Haves That Make Caring For Your Dog A Breeze

Being stuck at home can be hard for any homeowner, but it’s especially hard if you’re sharing the space with your four-legged friend. No matter how much you love your dog, there’s no denying that pets can be messy housemates! From a cooling dog bed to a fuss-free paw cleaner, here are seven must-have items that make taking care of your dog at home extra easy.

Cooling dog bed
On particularly hot days, your dog might get increasingly restless, panting and drooling all over the house. Not only is this physically uncomfortable for your dog, it can also become quite distracting if you’re trying to get work done. To keep your dog nice and cool, make sure to provide plenty of cold drinking water, then consider getting hold of a cooling dog bed. It’s not just super soft and cosy, but gives your dog the chance to rest without accumulating more body heat.


Marukan Cooling Dog Bed, $49.20, Perromart

Dog shower wand
As dog owners ourselves, we know how painstaking it can be to wash your furry friend. That’s where a shower wand made specifically with dogs in mind can come in really handy. It’s ergonomically shaped and offers the perfect water pressure to penetrate thick fur. Plus, it can be operated with just one hand, leaving the other one free to stop your puppy from running away.


Waterpik Dog Shower, $35.48, Amazon

Elevated pet bowls
While elevated food and water bowls might not magically stop ants from crawling into your dog’s food, they have a few other advantages. First and foremost, they keep the food in one place, containing all of the mess and making it easier to clean up. But more importantly, the elevated height of the bowls makes them easier to reach for bigger dogs in particular, avoiding the development of neck and joint problems.


Neater Feeder, $45.60, Perromart

Solid air freshener
Can’t seem to get rid of that persistent pet odour? A solid air freshener made specifically for pet owners does not simply cover up unpleasant smells with a nice scent, but actively absorbs the underlying bad odours. Air fresheners made with baking soda are particularly effective. Just place them in the worst-smelling spots around the house and watch them do the work for you.


Citrus Magic Solid Air Freshener, $16.71, iHerb

Door scratching protector
Dogs (and even cats!) can get antsy when they are locked out of a room. If they happen to be scared by something, such as bad weather, they might just go about scratching your door for hours on end. While a door protector won’t directly stop your dog from scratching, it will help you maintain and protect the wood by keeping your dog’s sharp claws off the material. If you’re lucky, the slippery surface might discourage your dog from scratching in the first place.


PETFECT Door Scratch Protector, $57.04, Amazon

Paw cleaner
The last thing you want after thoroughly cleaning your home is your puppy leaving dirty paw prints everywhere. However, there’s no need to carry your dog into the bathtub to manually wash those paws. Instead, you can use a paw cleaner, a nifty little device that simply does the cleaning for you. It’s compact and light, making it easy to carry on every dog walk for extra clean paws.


Petkit Everclean Paw Cleaner, $22.80, Perromart

Pet-safe floor cleaner
Speaking of cleaning, your favourite floor cleaner might just be toxic for your dog. After all, dogs constantly bite and lick their paws, meaning that whatever is on the floor ends up in their mouths. Thankfully, there are quite a few pet-safe cleaning products and particularly floor cleaners out there, many of them sustainable and gentle on sensitive flooring materials.


Better Life Floor Cleaner, $13.62, iHerb

Featured image courtesy of Studio FortyFour.