The Best Kitchen Appliances Our Team Absolutely Loves


While stuck at home, the SquareRooms team has been spending a lot of time in the kitchen, making everything from fresh juice to full meals. Using the kitchen so thoroughly during the circuit breaker has brought out its full potential for the first time, helping us realise which appliances are truly worth having around.

Assistant Marketing Manager Pei Ling has gotten to love her hotplate over the past few weeks. Equipped with various plates for different dishes and cooking needs, it’s a versatile kitchen appliance that any cook will love. The BRUNO Compact Hotplate, for instance, comes in two styles, giving you the choice between cooking delicious stews in a hotpot and frying your favourite meats and veggies over the classic hotplate.

For lovers of fresh juice and even home-cooked meals, blenders and food processors are a must-have. In fact, two people on the team love their blenders so much that they chose them as their favourite kitchen appliance! Content Writer Yaiza uses her sturdy blender to make all of her favourite juice combinations. Jason, our Business Manager, equally enjoys blending up fruits and particularly wants to emphasise the importance of daily vitamin intake. For a sleek blender that gets the job done without any fuss, the Tefal Blendforce 2 ticks all of our boxes.


Induction stove
Of course, no kitchen is complete without a high-quality stove. Business Director Bernard loves that his induction stove is quick to heat up and offers a straight-forward and easy way to adjust the heat level. His personal recommendation? The stoves from EF, a long-standing expert in designing kitchen appliances.

Marketing Intern Gladys loves using her oven to bake a variety of dishes, pointing out that baking can often be healthier than other types of cooking, such as frying. She’s been trying out new recipes over the course of the circuit breaker and couldn’t have done it without her favourite Tecno oven.


Air fryer
Frying food in your own kitchen not only makes for an oily mess, but more often than not leads to unhealthy meals. Ara, SquareRooms’ Deputy Editor, likes to use an air fryer for this very reason. Instead of having hot oil jumping onto her hands and arms from a sizzling pan, she pops her favourite breaded chicken into the Mayer Digital Air Fryer for a perfectly crispy result.

Water purifier
For those who don’t love cooking or juicing, the kitchen still provides a vital substance: fresh drinking water. The quality of your tap water is crucial for your wellbeing, which is why Creative Director Aris recommends installing a water purifier. This nifty kitchen appliance attaches to your sink and removes bad bacteria from your water without giving you any extra work. The uPure 2 Water Purifier by Osim is even aesthetically pleasing.


Rice cooker
Rice cookers are a staple in every Singaporean household, but are often overlooked in favour of more extravagant kitchen appliances. Marketing Executive Wen Xuan emphasises the importance of well-cooked rice, and how no other appliance can ultimately give you as nice a meal as your trusty rice cooker. She recommends checking out the Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker for a smart, intuitive cooking experience.