Welcome to the Best Shower of Your Life!

Some bathers fancy showering under soft rainfall-style water, while others prefer a high-pressure jet stream to massage sore muscles after a strenuous work day. When building or updating the bathroom, it’s often a tough call to choose which single setting showerhead would make all household members happy. Fortunately with the hansgrohe Rainfinity handshower 130 3jet, everyone can now relish their bath time just the way they want.

squarerooms hansgrohe rainfinity handshower woman holding shower water

Three’s a charm
hansgrohe’s innovative showerhead promises to transform a ho-hum bathing experience into a stellar one with its three spray modes: PowderRain, Intense PowderRain, and MonoRain. The PowderRain setting quietly emits a microfine spray that deliciously blankets your body with minute droplets, while the Intense PowderRain mode’s stronger stream of ultra-fine beads makes it easier to rinse out soap suds and shampoo foam. Turn on the MonoRain spray to soothe your arms and legs with powerful and targeted jets inspired by Kneipp-style hydrotherapy.

An ideal match
Spacious and relaxing shower areas remain a steady home trend, and hansgrohe’s RainSelect thermostat helps you achieve this. The intuitive temperature regulator elevates convenience with an all-in-one panel that controls water temperature and volume. The sophisticated and sleek design, developed in collaboration with premier design studio Phoenix Design, makes it a classy addition to any bathroom. Tactile 70 x 70mm switches and precise dials makes the unit a breeze to operate even when your eyes are closed. Tip: pair the thermostat with the hansgrohe Rainfinity Shower set 130 3jet and hansgrohe Rainfinity Overhead Shower 250 1jet (equipped with PowderRain spray) to get the full exquisite bath experience.

squarerooms hansgrohe rainselect shower controls

Ready, jet set, go
Snag the hansgrohe Rainfinity Shower set 130 with 90cm shower bar and soap dish from their Lazada shop! From now until 31 July 2020, hansgrohe will pledge 5% of all sales proceeds to HealthServe in honour of our migrant worker community for their contribution to Singapore.

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