Try these Colour Blocking Ideas for a Bolder Home Design

Colour blocking is a great way to enliven a bland space by combining a variety of colours in one area. If your home needs some brightening up, here are five colour blocking ideas to get you inspired.

Frame a specific area


Image courtesy of Purdy

Colour blocking is great for highlighting a certain space such as a favourite piece of furniture or even your work area. To really make that part of your room stand out, paint a vertical rectangle stretching all the way from the floor to the ceiling. You can even paint a small part of the ceiling to create the illusion of a roof.

Paint a statement ceiling


Image courtesy of Lonny

This colour blocking trick literally takes things up a notch and is great for rooms where daring colour choices tend to be limited. Instead of restricting your decorating to four walls, make an impact with strong colours overhead. Don’t be afraid to go for bolder hues that make a statement, such as dark grey or red.

Create geometric shapes


Image courtesy of Mr Shopper Studio

Colour blocking isn’t all about painting in squares or rectangles. Add a quirky touch to your walls by painting in triangles and other shapes for a funky look. Depending on your colour palette, you can deck the walls in soft pastels alongside darker, muted tones, or create striking contrasts to inject more life into your room.

Section off a space


Image courtesy of Marco Podrini

If your kids share a room, this option allows you to divide it into two areas, giving each child the illusion of their own personal space. Not sure which two colours to choose? The rule of thumb is to pick colours with a similar level of brightness such as two pastels or two jewel tones.

Decorate with more than two colours


Image courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

The beauty of colour blocking is that you can experiment with different shades and be as colourful as you like! Paint your room in rainbow hues, a mix of warm and cool tones, or in different shades of the same colour. To avoid overwhelming the eye, stick to one wall and leave the rest pared-down and neutral.