SquareRooms Recommends: 4 Essentials for a Good Night’s Sleep

If you’ve been waking up with back pain and can’t figure out what’s causing it, chances are you’re just not sleeping right. While you should see a doctor if you’re in serious pain, a change in your sleeping setup may be the key to your problem and allow you to finally get some good rest.

Read on for our top mattress, favourite bed base and other essentials for a good night’s sleep.

A customisable mattress

squarerooms dormiente adjustable Natural Classic Orthoform Female & Male mattress latex

Natural Deluxe Regulus Female & Male mattress, POA, available at dormiente

While your bed sheets and pillow can be important factors in determining how well you sleep, nothing is as crucial as your mattress. We recommend dormiente’s Natural Deluxe Regulus Female & Male mattress, which has a natural latex core and is divided into seven body zones. This provides optimal support for the shoulders, waist and hips in the form of orthopaedic incisions for better spinal alignment. In fact, the mattress comes recommended by the Association of Back Posture Trainers as it is designed to help with the regeneration of your spine while you sleep.

For those of you who sleep next to a partner, you’ll be happy to know that you can select the firmness level for each side of the mattress, meaning that you don’t need to compromise and can both wake up feeling well-rested. You can also combine the two distinct mattress models—male and female—to create a bedding setup that’s entirely personalised.

A storage bed

squarerooms king living jasper bed neutral desert minimalist tones storage frame

Jasper bed, from $5,979, available at KING

While extra storage space won’t eliminate your back pain, having a place to keep your necessities at hand can certainly improve your quality of sleep. The Jasper bed by KING comes with integrated lights, built-in shelves for water bottles, books and glasses and even wireless charging zones for your devices. There’s also a generous storage area underneath, which can be accessed and even locked in using KING’s hydraulic lift system.

If you tend to wake up in the middle of the night to have some water or need to quickly snooze your alarm in the morning, having these things within arm’s reach can be pretty handy.

An adjustable bed base

squarerooms Ergo Natural Swiss Pine Motor Bed Base slats dormiente frame

Ergo Natural Swiss Pine Motor Bed Base, POA, available at dormiente

If you’re sleeping on a brand new mattress with all the bells and whistles and still wake up exhausted, the problem may be your bed base. With dormiente’s adjustable bed slats, you can finetune the back area and move the motor slats around until you find the configuration that works for you. The base absorbs the weight of your body, granting extra support to the shoulders and hips to relieve pressure.

You can also incline the base up to 90 degrees to get into a sitting position and elevate your legs to 30 degrees for better blood circulation.

A memory foam pillow


Bedding Day Superior Plush Memory Foam Pillow, $139, available at FortyTwo

The final must-have for a good night’s sleep is a good memory foam pillow to keep your head and neck in the right position throughout the night. We recommend the Superior Plush Memory Foam Pillow from Bedding Day, which is hypoallergenic and breathable and strikes a good balance between soft and supportive. While the memory foam filling ensures personalised comfort, a removable and washable knit bamboo cover makes for more hygienic sleeping conditions as well.

Opening image courtesy of dormiente.