6 Essentials to Keep Your Storeroom Tidy


Most storerooms have a bad rep for being perpetually untidy. If you’re guilty of neglecting this little space, here are six essentials to start getting organised.

Magnetic containers

magnetic containers from IKEA

Image courtesy of IKEA

The space behind the door opens to a world of storage opportunities. Maximise this space by sticking on magnetic holders to keep things spick and span and within reach. If you don’t have any metal on your storeroom door, consider attaching a metal panel to make the most of that underused surface. Thanks to the magnetic backings, you can remove these containers without leaving a trail of stubborn marks. You can also rearrange the containers as you like, plus they double up nicely as functional decor items.

Transparent boxes

IKEA shelves with transparent boxes

Image courtesy of IKEA

Opaque boxes are great for hiding unsightly items, but one may find it difficult to figure out what’s inside. If you don’t fancy labelling your boxes like items at a supermarket, replace them with see-through compartments that allow you to peek at the contents. This saves plenty of time rummaging through the stockpile like a game of what’s in the box. For those of you who find transparent boxes messy, try wicker or linen baskets instead.

Adjustable shelves

ivar collapsible furniture

Image courtesy of IKEA

Storerooms house all sorts of knick-knacks and adjustable shelves happen to be perfect for bits and bobs of all sizes, from mini tea sets to tall wine glasses. Compared to static shelves, adjustable ones are easy to install and collapse, making relocating houses a much simpler task. They’re also great for maximising every inch of your storage space and keeping certain things out of reach from the little ones. Alternatively, opt for a fixed shelving unit with a collapsible table for a versatile and multifunctional space.

Motion sensor lights

motion sensor light with yellow dim light

Image courtesy of PassionHome.sg

Smart lights are all the rage these days, so skip the step of flicking a switch and instead switch it up with motion sensor lights that activate the moment you walk in. It may not seem like a necessity now, but you’ll appreciate this simple act of automation the next time you find your hands occupied.

Pest control

Moth balls in the glass over the sackcloth.

Your storeroom may be small, but it’s big enough to house creepy crawlies who lurk in small gaps and cracks. Keep these unwanted visitors at bay by investing in pest control products such as mothballs, cockroach sticky traps and rat glue boards. While such insect repellents are great for getting rid of pests, more severe cases of bug infestations may require professional help.


girl kneeling down to set up humidifier

The storeroom is generally a less-frequented space; things we stash away can be left untouched for months. With Singapore’s high temperatures and humidity, these tucked-away valuables are prone to rust and mould. A dehumidifier does a good job of keeping the air in your storeroom dry while protecting your belongings from damage.

Featured image courtesy of Image Creative Design