6 Walk-In Wardrobes You Can Squeeze Into Your HDB Flat


In need of a closet upgrade from all those double-digit sales? If you fancy a walk-in wardrobe, here’s how you can fit one into your small HDB flat.

L-shaped walk-in wardrobe


Image courtesy of Interiio

An L-shaped walk-in closet is a popular option among homeowners living in smaller HDBs. The design is easily created using two floor-to-ceiling wardrobes to form a cosy enclosure, and even doubles as a room divider—perfect for those who want more privacy.

Enclosed walk-in wardrobe


Image courtesy of CREATION

Elevate the look of your master bedroom with this walk-in wardrobe, enclosed by sleek glass panels. Sectioning off the wardrobe gives you more corners to work with, and the transparent partition makes for a gallery-esque display of all those designer bags and shoes. Plus, the clear glass allows plenty of light to stream in, giving smaller homes a more open appearance.

Partitioned walk-in wardrobe


Image courtesy of Mama’s Little Minions

To achieve this look, shift your bed to the centre of the room before setting up a partition behind it. The result is a narrow wardrobe that doubles as a hidden storage area. You can also install full-length mirrors on the partition to create the illusion of a larger space, or include a window in the walk-in closet to embrace natural lighting.

Open walk-in wardrobe


Image courtesy of Loft 8

If you’ve got a generous budget and a spare room beside the bedroom, you can convert it into a fully open walk-in wardrobe. A less pricey option would be to hack only part of the wall without removing the entire divider. Either way, make sure to get the HDB’s approval and check with your contractor before tearing down any walls.

Curtained-off walk-in wardrobe


Image courtesy of IKEA

Here’s a clever way to set up a walk-in wardrobe with minimal effort: get yourself some stylish curtains and install them in front of your wardrobe to create an effortless partition. This is a particularly versatile makeover, as you can always remove the curtain and change things up if you want to. Don’t forget to add stylish rugs and ceiling lights to make you feel like you’ve just walked into a boutique!

Bathroom-fitted walk-in wardrobe


Image courtesy of Space Vision

If having a walk-in closet adjacent to your bedroom isn’t feasible, look to the bathroom instead. Your en-suite may be the perfect place to house a walk-in wardrobe—simply extend it and throw in some cupboards, lights or even a fancy island to show off your accessories. This concept makes getting ready a breeze as you can wash up, make-up and dress up all in one space.