4 Wireless Appliances to Keep Your Home Seamless and Tidy


Having wires and cables littered across your home can leave your place looking rather unkempt. To prevent tripping and avoid the chore of untangling cables, go wireless with these four household appliances that are useful and practical too.

Robot vacuum cleaner


Instead of cleaning your home yourself, let the Xiaomi Mijia 1s do the work for you. With a built-in navigation system, this robot vacuum cleaner can map out your home’s layout and memorise it for fast and fuss-free cleaning. Plus, you can schedule cleaning times through the Mi Home app for extra convenience.

Mini air purifier


Certified to remove 99.9% of ultra-fine dust particles and allergens, the LG PuriCare Mini Air Purifier has a four-step filtration system and dual inverter motor for strong and accurate air-conditioning on the go. No matter where you are—in the car or at your desk—you can place this small but mighty device right next to you, giving your lungs that much-needed breathing relief.

Wireless speaker


With its built-in voice control and powerful audio, the Sonos One is a feisty speaker for every room of the house. It’s small enough to fit on a bookshelf in your home office and can even withstand the humidity in the bathroom, making it ideal for musical shower sessions. Tired of using your voice after a long day at work? Simply control your speaker through the Sonos app instead.

Wireless standing fan


Never trip over wires again with this IUIGA Wireless Standing Fan that evenly distributes plenty of fresh air. Besides being remote control enabled, the fan also comes with seven blades that make for an impressive breeze, as well as an ultra quiet function. Fully charged in a mere six hours, you’re really getting a bang for your buck with this handy appliance.

Feature image courtesy of Versaform