These Matte Black Fittings Will Take Your Kitchen Design to a Whole New Level


While the kitchen is often seen as a primarily functional space, it is much more than that: it is a place for gathering with family and friends and a crucial space to delight our senses in our day to day lives. This is not just limited to cooking, either; the fittings you choose for your kitchen are key to crafting an environment you love, even when the flames are off.

One of our favourite ways to perk up any kitchen space is by infusing it with a striking accent colour, and what could be more striking than a stunning pop of matte black? This gorgeous shade can be easily pulled off when applied to the kitchen sink and mixer tap, both of which always benefit from an eye-catching hue and sleek finish. Our top rendition? The new BLANCO Black Edition series, comprising kitchen sinks, mixer taps and must-have accessories to match and style your water hub from A to Z.

Black is the new black

squarerooms blanco matt black sink kitchen counter marble quartz dark white grey food flatlay

Perfectionists and design aficionados will love the Black Edition, as all of the visible functional elements (pop-up, C-overflow and InFino drain system) come in the same black. Achieving a colour-matched look couldn’t be easier.

As much as we love other colours, nothing is as versatile and timeless as a matte black surface. Black fittings can of course be integrated into a monochromatic, black-and-white kitchen look, but lots of other options present themselves too. A sleek, matte black sink like the BLANCO Black Edition can be easily paired with pastel hues, wood textures and bold colour combinations, creating new and exciting looks that are entirely your own.

Whether you want your sink to be a contrasting element in a Scandi kitchen or a seamless part of an industrial look, matte black fittings allow you to do it all.


squarerooms blanco kitchen sink grey countertop food flatlay lemons

To achieve striking contrasts, the waste and overflow set in black matte can be combined with a coloured SILGRANIT sink in the modern concrete style.

Beyond the versatile, timeless look of these fittings, BLANCO offers something every practical homeowner will appreciate: an all-inclusive set of parts that makes ordering and even assembling your water hub easier than ever. The set includes your choice of a Subline or Etagon bowl, as well as a waste and overflow set, allowing you to pick exclusively matte black fittings or mix and match with other hues. This makes it easy to plan the complete look of the water station as a colour-matched solution that incorporates the very finest details and can be customised through your personal choice of components.

The Subline 500-U undermount bowl has an elegant, linear silhouette and is the optimal solution for minimalists looking for a striking aesthetic finish, while the Etagon 6 multi-level bowl provides plenty of room for kitchen tasks thanks to its integrated step and versatile rails. When combined with the matching accessories and control elements, both washbasins make for a seamless water hub that looks as though it has been cast as a single piece.

Made to last

squarerooms blanco kitchen sink black dark countertop quartz marble plants

Combining the BLANCO ZEROX DarkSteel with the black matte waste and overflow set creates a particularly sophisticated look.

Of course, all BLANCO washbasins are made of SILGRANIT, a long-wearing granite composite material with a stone-like surface that is pleasant to the touch. The matching mixer taps and accessories, on the other hand, are made of scratch-resistant metal to create an aesthetically striking overall look that doesn’t compromise on longevity and ease of maintenance.

But what if you already have a BLANCO sink in your kitchen? Not to worry—any SILGRANIT sink can be retrofitted with the new Black Edition waste and overflow set, resulting in vivid contrasts or a streamlined look to suit your personal interior style.

squarerooms blanco kitchen sink soap dispenser lato black sleek brick wall

BLANCO Lato Soap Dispenser

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